Gigi Hadid Shows Off Some Leg In A Silver Dress At Fashion Media Awards Gala

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Internationally renowned model and fashion icon Gigi Hadid took to popular social media platform Instagram earlier today to show off her ensemble worn during last evening’s Fashion Media Awards. Promoted by The Daily Front Row, yesterday’s gala was the sixth such event in as many years and featured some of the most recognizable faces in the contemporary fashion industry. No list of luminaries from New York Fashion Week or any of its international cognates would be complete in any sense without the presence of Gigi Hadid, a woman who has made an indelible mark on the modeling business in addition to her vibrant social media presence.

Gigi Hadid’s post has already caught the attention of many, and despite having been posted to Instagram a mere hour ago as of the writing of this article, has already accrued over 660,000 likes. In the snapshot, Hadid can be seen striking a power pose, her long legs escaping a shimmering silver dress adorned with row upon row of shining sequins. A slit on the dress, provocative and well-placed, runs from the thigh-high skirt up to her hip in a suggestive fashion. Her hands, poised in an almost akimbo position, are bright with beautiful rings — so luminous that they match the sheen of the dress and yet delicate enough to maintain a demure aesthetic disposition.

The dress itself is tightly fitted to her slender figure, revealing a toned body and a sense of haute couture that is embodied by the over-the-shoulder style of the garment. A small flap falls free about her right shoulder, revealing double stitching and a flat metal finish that compliments the look.

Gigi’s makeup is on point, a classical and timeless glamor magazine approach that shows off peach-colored lips, finely sculpted eyebrows, and long straight hair with the slightest curl towards the end of her long tresses.

Captioning the Instagram post with her personal gratitude for being involved with the ceremony proper, naming photographer Mario Sorrenti and fashion publication V Magazine by name, Gigi Hadid demonstrates the epitome of couture class in the post.

Hadid was not the only belle of the ball, however, with other notables in attendance being Hailey Baldwin, Priyanka Chopra, and Karrueche Tran. Baldwin was spotted sporting a long, emerald green dress designed by Tommy Hilfiger, while Chopra opted for a unique strappy black affair complete with a clip on-fringe about the hemline.

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For her part, Karrueche Tran opted for a windswept mauve one-piece dress with an over the shoulder strap and a gem-encrusted support strap, both sweeping up her left side.