Princess Diana Never Wanted A Divorce, Says Her Personal Trainer, Would Have Tried To Make Things Work

Pascal Rondeau/ALLSPORTGetty Images

Princess Diana never wanted a divorce from Prince Charles and was willing to give it her best efforts to make it work, her old personal trainer Jenni Rivett claims.

As Cosmopolitan reports, it seems like just about everyone once connected with the late Princess of Wales is now coming out of the woodwork, here at the 21st anniversary of her tragic and untimely death, to spill secrets about the late Diana. And the latest is her former personal trainer.

If you followed the Diana gossip back in the 80’s and 90’s, you may remember that Rivett and Diana had been partners in Diana’s fitness journey for years, but in 1997 they broke up (for lack of a better choice of words). The media at the time reported that Diana had fired Rivett, while Diana claimed that she just wanted to go a different way.

“Sunday newspaper articles suggesting that there had been an acrimonious parting between me and my friend and trainer Jenni Rivett are completely untrue. We both decided that my training now—after six years—needed to take another direction. Jenni is, and remains, a close personal friend and I can never thank her enough for all she did for me.”

Nevertheless, Rivett claims that the two remained fast friends for the rest of Diana’s life.

And in what may be a shock to everyone who thinks they know anything about Charles and Diana’s marriage, Rivett claims that Diana was madly in love with Charles and that she was willing to try to make it work.

“She married for the right reasons. She married for love. It wasn’t her that asked for all of this. It was sprung upon her. She wasn’t the one that wanted to separate or have a divorce.”

Rivett’s claims contradict just about everything that is believed to be known about Diana and Charles’ 15-year marriage. Diana, for example, has repeatedly claimed that there were three people – herself, Charles’ long-time love, Camilla Parker-Bowles – in her marriage from day one, according to The Telegraph.

“Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”

She has also described her wedding day as the worst day of her life.

Rivett does admit that Diana was, to put it mildly, a bit bitter at the way Charles and the Windsors treated her following her divorce. She was particularly incensed at losing her title “Her Royal Highness,” saying that she deserved that honor by virtue of being mother to the future King (Prince William).