‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap For Thursday, September 6: Billy Tells Phyllis His Little Secret!

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, September 6 brings the truth for one Genoa City couple. Plus, a debt is repaid, and somebody moves back home.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) arrived home from his business trip, and Sharon (Sharon Case) waited for him in some skimpy lingerie. They spent some quality time together after their days apart. Later, at Crimson Lights, Sharon told Nick her final grades are in, and she’ll graduate soon. Nick decided they should celebrate in their new home, but Sharon admitted that she hadn’t even looked at anything. Once again, Nick insisted on moving.

Later, Abby (Melissa Ordway) came in, and she and Nick talked. She was disappointed that Arturo (Jason Canela) didn’t come home with Nick. Then Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) showed up, and Abby didn’t realize they knew each other already. The two guys engaged in some sports talk, and they made plans to go to Chicago for a soccer match. Sharon came over and insisted she gets an invite since she made Rey dinner. Then Nick and Sharon left to go house hunting, and Abby yelled at Rey for being the reason Arturo stayed gone. Rey told Abby he thinks his brother is busy and that she needed to be careful, so she doesn’t get hurt.

Finally, Nick and Sharon made their way back home. He loved a nine-bedroom home they looked at, but Sharon didn’t like its coldness. She wants her cozy ranch house. Nick asked her why she was willing to move to San Diego but is digger her heels in now. Sharon told him that he’s changed since that time. Now he’s started Dark Horse for revenge, and Nick promised that his plans to best Victor (Eric Braeden) are finished. Then, Sharon mentioned that Rey came to GC to investigate J.T.’s credit card use, and Nick’s the one who used them in his revenge plot.

At the Abbotts’, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) got into a little verbal sparring match with Ashley (Eileen Davidson) over Phyllis losing Dina (Marla Adams). Ultimately, Phyllis brought up the fact that the mansion is Billy’s (Jason Thompson) estate, and told Ashley that he’s not going anywhere since he’s done so well at Jabot.

Summer (Hunter King) hunted down Billy at Jabot to continue sexually harassing him. He warned her to stop coming onto him at work, but Summer blew him off.

Jack (Peter Bergman) and Kyle (Michael Mealor) had a heart to heart at the Club, and Jack gave his son some good advice to not get caught between Ashley and Billy. When Jack arrived back home, he found Dina in the throes of worry over her non-existent dog. Jack decided to move back in after Ashley mentioned that Dina responds so well to him. They discussed the awkwardness of him living there with Phyllis and Billy, but he decided to make it work anyway.

Speaking of awkward, Billy lied to Phyllis about a work trip when he suddenly got invited to a poker game in Las Vegas. Ultimately, he told Phyllis “I can’t do this,” and confessed to his lies. Then, Billy asked Phyllis to support him.

At the Dive Bar, Sinead updated Kyle on her progress with Billy. Then, Summer arrived and announced that he won their bet. Summer wanted a quickie hookup, but Kyle insisted on a night to savor his victory, and she agreed.

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