Cher Reveals The Secret For A Perfect Booty At 72

Eamonn M. McCormackGetty Images

Iconic actress and singer Cher continues to turn heads, looking fit and fabulous at the young age of 72.

The celebrity has been a fixture in the entertainment world since the mid-1960s when she made her debut alongside Sonny Bono when the two were employed as backup singers for legendary music producer Phil Spector.

The couple first achieved fame with two hit songs in 1965, “Baby Don’t Go” and “I Got You, Babe.”

Always known for her head-turning style and fit physique, Cher continues to maintain her looks and overall good health through the same old-fashioned hard work ethic that has kept her in the spotlight for over 50 years.

The 72-year-old singer and actress appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and their talk quickly turned to how wonderful the singer, who recently appeared in the film Mama Mia: Here We Go Again, looks for her age.

DeGeneres quickly commented on Cher’s butt and how good it looked, asking the diva for some workout tips.

“So you get down on all fours,” Cher began.

“Is someone else in the room?” DeGeneres quipped.

“No! Well, sometimes,” Cher bit back.

“Ok, so you get down on all fours and you put your leg up and you make an L with your leg and you do it up like that. Three sets of 25.”

Cher then said she also relied on “old-fashioned” moves like squats. “And I have to confess, I do Zumba,” she admitted.

Best of all, you can employ the singer’s workout routine, as she does the moves at home “with a tape.”

Cher continues to tour, despite hitting the road for a memorable “farewell tour.”

“I thought it was [a farewell],” she said of the previous tour. “I mean I was old. I was already old, so I was thinking, ‘How many more can you have?'”

She also spoke of her upcoming ABBA cover album to DeGeneres, remarking, “When I did it, I’m really proud of it, and I’m not a Cher fan. I don’t want to listen to it. I don’t want to see it.”

Cher also spoke of how her cameo in the Mama Mia sequel came to be.

“The man who runs Universal used to be my agent and is a really good friend,” she shared. “He said this is good for you career, you’re doing Mama Mia 2 and he hung up.”

“I’m thrilled I did it and I am thrilled that I got to play Meryl’s [Streep] mother,” she shared. The two worked together on the iconic film Silkwood in 1983. For the film, Cher won a Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe Award.

“I would love to work with her again,” she noted.

Cher’s ABBA covers album titled Dancing Queen will be released on September 28.