Jill Duggar Captures The Perfect Photo Of Samuel, Fans Going Crazy For The Side-Eye Pose

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Jill Duggar seems to have captured the perfect moment on camera for all to see. You know how kids can be whenever parents just want to take a nice snapshot of them. They seem to take that exact moment to wiggle and whine. However, there are some pictures that are definitely worth a thousand words, as they say, and Samuel Dillard’s face says it all.

In a photo that was posted by the 27-year-old mom on Instagram, it showed off the little boy’s amusing side-eye face. Jill shared the snap as she was taking a walk with her two sons in their home state of Arkansas on Wednesday. The first thing you notice when you see the three of them is Sam’s eyes that are not looking at the camera at all like his mom and older brother. He is giving a side-eye to someone or something. Duggar fans noticed right away and they are eating it up.

Many of the comments mention the 1-year-old’s eyes and are amused by the whole thing. One person said, “Sam’s side-eye is perfect!” He has quite the expression to go along with it as well. You have to wonder what the little guy was thinking as the picture was being taken. It has been suggested that he is giving his mom the side-eye for some reason or that he is rethinking this walking thing.

Another person on Jill’s timeline commented saying, “Little Samuel looks like he’s either confused or in rather deep thought???? Love his facial expression.”

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Some comments also suggested that Samuel has his aunt Jessa’s expression in the photo. Whatever he was thinking certainly got people’s attention. That side-eye photo is a classic captured at the perfect moment. It looks like he may just have a little sassy spark to his budding personality already.

Of course, many of the comments that are written on the Dillard’s timelines are back and forth bickering between Duggar fans who support them and those who are viciously against what they stand for. That happens pretty much with every post that is shared by both Jill and Derick, even when it is about their kids.

Samuel Dillard has been a busy boy lately. Jill has been posting plenty of Instagram pictures to keep Duggar fans updated on their family happenings since she and Derick are no longer a part of TLC’s Counting On. Sam and Israel just recently went to their first baseball game, as pointed out by their mom. The boys also have a brand new baby cousin, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Derick’s brother, Dan Dillard, and his wife, Deena, just welcomed their first child on September 5.