‘Big Brother 20’s’ Scottie Salton Gets Bleeped During Racy Eviction Speech—Here’s What He Said

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Big Brother houseguest Scottie Salton put CBS censors on overdrive during Thursday’s live show. Salton was evicted from the Big Brother house for a second time after his botched Battle Back gave him nothing but a one week reprieve from the jury house. But the unpredictable Chicago shipping manager didn’t go quietly.

During Scottie Salton’s Big Brother eviction speech, he didn’t try to save himself. Instead, he took a pot shot at Tyler Crispen, this week’s Head of Household who nominated him for the chopping block. But Scottie’s audio cut out twice during his eviction speech and it appears that it was more than a technical glitch.

In his short spell, Scottie Salton addressed host Julie Chen by saying he didn’t know if they’d be “hanging out again tonight.” The second part of his statement was cut out, perhaps due to an audio glitch but more likely because CBS wasn’t sure what Scottie would say next.

Scottie first told his fellow Big Brother housemates that they can all “suck it.” But then he had a special message for Tyler Crispen which was ultimately bleeped out. Crispen looked stunned and host Julie Chen laughed nervously after Scottie’s speech, saying it was “original.” Salton was ultimately evicted by a unanimous vote.

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While many fans couldn’t figure out exactly what Scottie said to Tyler during the live CBS broadcast, live feed viewers tuned in immediately after his unsurprising eviction to hear the remaining houseguests fill in the blanks as they talked about his shocking eviction speech and the vulgar language he used.

According to TooFab, the other members of the Big Brother house said Scottie Salton was evicted after saying, “I think you all know the right move and the smart move and I hope that you make it. If you don’t then you can suck it, except for Tyler because he’s already getting a steady diet of that Hilton Head.”

Hilton Head is the South Carolina town that both Tyler Crispen and his Big Brother showmance, Angela Rummans, are from. But Scottie was clearly using the name of the resort town as a double entendre to allude that the couple has been engaged in sexual acts. Tyler and Angela have been very low key about their showmance and so far it seems pretty G-rated to live feed viewers, so Scottie’s shocking exit spiel has some fans of the show furious for shaming Angela on live TV.

Julie Chen got another dose of Scottie Salton minutes after his shocking pot shot at “Tangela.” After Scottie’s second eviction was announced, he barreled through the front door and awkwardly greeted Chen. His explanation for his eviction was, “I’m unpredictable. They just don’t know what to do with me.”

According to Gold Derby, Scottie also told Chen that he actually held back more than he wanted to in the Big Brother game.

“I was so tame this entire thing. There were times I would have loved to have popped off. There were times I would have loved to just run around, but I kept it even keel. It got me nowhere. I had a feeling they were going to get rid of me. They’re not very good liars.”

Scottie went on to describe Big Brother frontrunner Tyler Crispen as “a coward because whatever the house wants is what he does.” The twice-evicted Big Brother houseguest also explained why his plan to form a closer bond with Tyler failed this week during the Hilton Head native’s HOH reign.

“I was up in that HOH Room throwing back like no one’s business,” Scottie said.,” We made jokes. I told him so much info. I was up there for like an hour and a half! I guess some people live up there, but I can’t sit up there and suck up like that. That’s just not me.”

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