Meghan Markle Doesn’t Like This One Thing About Being A Royal, And Prince Harry Agrees Per ‘Express’

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Meghan Markle is new to royal life, but there is one thing that she doesn’t like about it. Luckily for the Duchess, her husband Prince Harry agrees with her.

While the couple attended the WellChild Awards, they spoke with a young four-year-old boy named Mckenzie Brackley who won an Inspirational Child award. Mckenzie won the award for displaying his strength as he battled acute flaccid paralysis, and had an opportunity to meet with Meghan and Harry one-on-one. In fact, the royal couple met with all of the nominees privately, which was likely an incredible moment for everyone involved.

Mckenzie, however, let Meghan and Harry know that he didn’t like the cameras that surrounded them during the visit. In response, the couple let the little boy know that they agreed with him. This is what Mckenzie’s mom, Amy, had to say about the exchange.

“They were so lovely. They knew [Mckenzie] was scared of the cameras and they said they didn’t like the cameras either so they turned around.”

It’s not too surprising to hear that nobody liked the cameras, since it’s distracting and can be intrusive. However, it’s just a part of daily life for a royal, and something that Harry has obviously grown up with and tolerated all of his life.

It’s known that Prince Harry was reportedly becoming agitated over the media’s frenzy over Meghan, and he wanted to calm things down a little. However, the Duchess has won the hearts of royals fans around the world, and she certainly keeps people on their toes with her trendy and somewhat daring outfits that she’s been sporting since her summer vacation.

The issue of cameras also goes way back for Prince Harry, who lost his mom Princess Diana to a tragic accident that is believed to have been related to an overzealous paparazzi.

And even for Meghan, the subject can be a touchy one since the falling out between herself and her dad was kicked off by some staged paparazzi photos.

Meghan and Harry wouldn’t be the only ones that don’t like paparazzi, either. Prince Charles has shown signs of not liking the cameras even at his young age.

The exception to all of this is likely young Princess Charlotte, who has proven to be a sassy and funny girl that takes everything in stride. She’s become known for her royal wave and signature look of sticking her tongue out at the cameras.