Justin Bieber Reportedly ‘Nervous’ As Selena Gomez May ‘Bare Her Soul’ In New Album Per ‘Hollywood Life’

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

While Justin Bieber has been happily engaged to Hailey Baldwin, he’s doing what he can to keep the past in the past. He still has the tattoo of Selena on his body, but he’s supposedly doing small things like not reading Selena’s interview in the latest edition of Elle, for example. But that doesn’t mean that his ex is completely off his mind, as he’s reportedly “nervous” to hear Selena’s new album, detailed Hollywood Life.

It’s understandable that Justin would be a little jittery upon hearing about Selena finally wrapping up her next album, since there’s a good chance that she may be singing about him. The two were an on-again-off-again couple for so long, that Justin’s quick engagement to Hailey could have been a huge shock for Selena. This is what a source had to say about the matter.

“[Justin] knows [Selena] will bare her heart and soul in her new lyrics… So he is anxious to hear what Selena will say about who when her new songs drop.”

It’s rumored that Selena’s new songs will address not just Justin, but also her past relationship with The Weeknd. And since the two are likely not in touch at all, this is probably the only way Selena has to send a message to Bieber about how she feels.

On the other hand, Bieber is rumored to have something in the pipeline, at least a source said that “something will happen.” Even so, it’s not likely to be anything soon, since a new album is “still further down the road.” Plus, it looks like Justin wants to be able to create music without a ton of added pressure or fanfare.

“His intentions are to make a release of his next album a surprise so he doesn’t have to worry about meeting a release date. He enjoys what Beyoncé and Eminem have done with their new music, and he wants to follow suit for his own future work.”

Meanwhile, Justin and Hailey have been seen quite often out and about. Most recently, they were spotted heading to New York Fashion Week, detailed E Online. Hailey walked the runway during Tommy Hilfiger’s TommyNow Icons show on Tuesday, and she posted on her Instagram about how great she felt about the summer. And it’s no wonder, it’s a huge deal to get engaged, plus Bieber has even bought a huge mansion in Canada that many believe will be their home after they get married.

“Kissing goodbye the most perfect summer of my life!!… Feeling insanely grateful for everything this season of my life has brought me and even more excited for what’s next.”