Macs To Defy Industry In 2010, Analyst Expects 4% Market Share

Apple Mac Sales

If the forecast from Caris Company is to be believed, Apple will see sales of their Macs increase to 4% in 2010, a growth rate of 26%. That would be an impressive feat considering the industry is expected to only increase at a rate of 16 percent through 2010.

At those rates, Mac sales would increase 1.6 times faster than the competition, which is impressive, but not as much as their past 1.8 times growth rate factor.

Electronista explains why those rates of increase are so impressive:

Apple is moreover said to be reaping extremely high profits off the public, pulling in a gross profit per unit of almost $340, two to three times what rival Windows system makers earn. The ASP (average selling price) of Macs slid 10 percent in 2009 to $1,289, but remains 1.8 times higher than for comparable PCs.

With sales way down in 2009 (16% decrease) it’s a bit of great news for Apple Shareholders and the computer industry as a whole.