President Trump May Visit Arizona In September

Win McNameeGetty Images

It’s possible that President Donald Trump may be visiting Arizona in less than two weeks, ABC15 reports. The clues point to a potential visit. For example, the Arizona Department of Public Service received word of a potential upcoming event on September 19.

Organizers for the Arizona State Fair were also asked about a potential visit and relayed that they are busy prepping for the state fair, but that there were spots open at the Memorial Coliseum.

President Trump held an event at the Phoenix Convention Center in 2017.

“Our Sales Team received an inquiry from the Trump Campaign about booking space on 9/18-19 and we informed them that space is not available on those dates. At this time, we have not received any follow-up inquiries,” said Cynthia Weaver, spokesperson for the Phoenix Convention Center.

It seems like most of President Trump’s usual haunts are booked for the potential event. This could be because last time Trump visited in 2017, corresponding protests caused lots of discord outside the venue. The rally was held at the Phoenix Convention Center and a protest broke out afterward.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said some members of the crowd that day made things dangerous for police officers and others by throwing rocks, gas, and bottles at responding officers. Four individuals were arrested by police that day for their actions during the protest.

Phoenix Fire said the event was dangerous in another way as well; they treated 56 people for heat-related issues following the event. Trump has not yet been to Arizona this year, but he has traveled to quite a few other states. He’s been to Virginia 20 times, he has been to Florida nine times, and three times to his former home of New York City.

Whenever the president travels, there are a lot of logistics involved. He obviously travels with a full security detail, and if any other family members travel with him, they must have their own security as well. Venues need to account for increased traffic, and cities need to plan to host thousands who travel to see the president, protest the president, or are just passing through.

Trump’s favorite vacation spot is his Mar-a-Lago resort, where he enjoys playing golf, having dinner with friends, and holding court at meetings of friends and associates.

If Trump does travel to Arizona, the schedule should be set soon considering the fast-approaching dates he inquired about.