Meghan Markle Pregnancy Rumors Hit Twitter After She Steps Out In Blue Ruffled Dress

Chris JacksonGetty Images

It’s no surprise that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry want to have kids right away, after all they’re the ones that said so. And while the two have only been married since May, royals fans are eager to hear a pregnancy announcement. So when Meghan stepped out in a ruffled blue dress by Jason Wu for the 100 Days to Peace gala, Twitter went crazy with pregnancy rumors, according to Yahoo! News. Many users pointed to the apparent bulge on her stomach, but that could also be the way the dress was moving. However in some photos, whether thanks to the angle or the nature of the ruffles, the duchess’ stomach looked bigger than usual.

Those who are more skeptical of the pregnancy rumors have pointed out that Meghan looked pretty slim in her suit outfit that she wore to the WellChild Awards. The suit arguably would have covered her stomach more, considering she wore a blouse underneath.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that people are looking forward to a future pregnancy.

“I am so burnt out on political news. Meghan Markle needs to get pregnant for the world’s mental health,” one Twitter user joked. And indeed, the world could probably use some good news.

Meanwhile, many people have also speculated that Meghan may be waiting to get pregnant until after all of her future international engagements are over. But then again, it’s not always possible to perfectly plan for a baby so it’s hard to know what the royal couple has in mind.

The blue dress that has stirred up so much speculation is by designer Jason Wu, who debuted their first collection in 2007. Their aesthetic blends sportswear and classic designs, which sounds much more informal than his actual work, which is high fashion. Wu’s dresses and clothes have been worn by some of the most famous women around, including Michelle Obama and Reese Witherspoon, according to his website.

And while news of a pregnant Meghan could lead to tons of happy royals fans, it could kick off another round of problems from her dad, Thomas. He has previously complained that he may never get to meet his grandkids because of the family drama since the paparazzi scandal. But even with that aside, Thomas believed that his daughter wouldn’t waste much time before having kids. This is what he said, according to Express.

“When she met Harry she spoke about how much she loves him. There’s got to be a child in them. But I think it will happen soon.”