WWE News: Former WWE Superstar, ECW Champion Arrested For Second Time In 30-Day Period


The world of professional wrestling is one that can make or break who you are as a person, and unfortunately, not everyone leads a trouble-free life outside of the ring. Justin Credible, a former WWE superstar, and former ECW Champion, was recently arrested, which marks the second time he has gone to jail in the last 30 days. He promised everyone it wouldn’t happen again, but it didn’t take long for history to repeat itself.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Justin Credible (real name PJ Polaco) was arrested on Wednesday, Sept. 5, for violating a restraining order. The 44-year-old former WWE superstar had a restraining order placed against him last year by his wife, and that was done after a domestic dispute between the two.

It has not been publicly revealed how Credible violated the restraining order which led to his arrest.

For this latest arrest, there were additional charges listed as “disorderly conduct” and assault in the 3rd degree. It has not been revealed as to who the victim was for those charges either.

Credible was being held in jail with a bond of $50,000. That is an amount which is considerably higher than the $7,500 bond placed on him for his arrest last month.

It is no secret that Justin Credible has battled different types of addiction in the past and it has had an effect on many parts of his life, which includes his marriage. After his last arrest, Credible spoke with Pro Wrestling Sheet and he stated that he wanted to get his life back in order and that this wouldn’t happen again.

“I promise to my fans, my friends and my family that the man Peter Polaco will never be a negative headline again, and the character Justin Credible still has many great moments left.”

Unfortunately, it has been less than a month and he is already back in jail.

On Aug. 16, 2018, Credible was bailed out of jail in Connecticut, and he gave a lengthy statement about working hard the “last few months to battle my demons and keep my family strong.” He even said that there was no domestic violence and that he was the one who called the police.

Justin Credible had some really good runs during his time in ECW and WWE. He won a number of titles and was a key component of the entire “Invasion” angle back in 2001 which had WCW/ECW facing off against WWF (WWE). Unfortunately, his life has taken a bit of a turn since his retirement from wrestling in 2015, and he’s landed in a jail a handful of times. Fans can only hope that this truly will be the last time.