Kennedy Cousin Christopher Lawford Remembered By Susan Lucci And Others From ‘All My Children’

Nancy OstertagGetty Images

Christopher Kennedy Lawford is being remembered for many things and by a variety of people, including the cast of the hit of the ABC soap, All My Children. Lawford had many claims to fame, including being part of the Kennedy family, being an advocate for substance abuse recovery, and being an actor, director, and author, but his face is recognizable to many as Charlie Brent on All My Children from 1992-1995, as the love interest of Kelly Ripa, who played Haley.

SoapHub shared messages from several AMC stars, including Susan Lucci, who remember Lawford fondly. Lucci said that the nephew of President John F. Kennedy was always a pleasure to work with.

“Chris was so great to work with — always prepared and always with a smile and an ease about him. He was warm and charming whether on set at AMC — or working hard for his charity. My deepest sympathy to his family.”

James Patrick Stuart, who currently plays Valentin on General Hospital, used to have the role of Will on AMC. He admired Lawford for his valiant and successful battle with heroin and LSD.

“As a young man, drugs & alcohol almost took you, but in the end, you died as you lived; sober & happy. Marvelous.”

Jon Lindstrom of General Hospital and his wife, Cady McClain, who played Dixie on All My Children, credit Lawford for helping so many people with their own recovery through his books and speaking engagements.

“So sad to hear he has left us. He made a difference for a LOT of people and helped them recognize, confront, and handle the disease of addiction.”

Christopher Kennedy Lawford, the son of actor Peter Lawford and Patricia Kennedy (sister of President John F. Kennedy) died unexpectedly this week of a heart attack during a yoga class. He was 63.

Lawford still devoted a great deal of his time to working in support of charities, including Special Olympics and various substance abuse organizations. Just last month, Lawford was the keynote speaker at a Malibu conference on addiction where he spoke frankly about how his heroin and LSD addiction nearly ruined his life and took the life of his cousin, David Kennedy, the son of Robert F. Kennedy.

The program introduced Lawford as an authority with real-life experience.

“Mr. Lawford will discuss his many attempts at recovery and his ultimate sobriety and provide advice on how to help loved ones suffering from addiction.”

Lawford is survived by his three children and third wife.