Nina Dobrev Reminisces About 'The Vampire Diaries' On Latest Instagram Shot

Nina Dobrev may have shocked fans back in 2015 by making the unusual decision to leave a hit show, but her latest Instagram post proves that the actress still has a lot of fond memories of her two roles from The Vampire Diaries. Dobrev chose to highlight Katherine Pierce, AKA Katerina Petrova, for this week's Throwback Thursday. This character enabled Dobrev to wear stunning period clothing that highlighted her strong collarbone and lush locks.

Nina Dobrev has starred in many film projects since leaving The Vampire Diaries, but none have achieved the same level of popularity. Despite this, ABC News reported that the Bulgarian-Canadian actress had planned from the very beginning to stick with the show for only six seasons. She acknowledged that leaving was terrifying but felt that she "needed to feel that fear of, 'Oh, my God, what if I never get a job again?' That just made me want to work five times as hard to make sure that didn't happen."

Part of the reason that Dobrev's latest acting jobs have been so different from the past is her determination to say goodbye to all youthful roles. These days, she's much more interested in taking on adult parts that not only challenge her but also allow her to "work with great filmmakers and tell incredible stories."

None of this stopped Nina Dobrev from returning to The Vampire Diaries for one more romp last year, though. The 29-year-old appeared on the show's finale to help fans bid a fond adieu to eight years of smoldering vampires, beguiling witches, and other supernatural characters.

Even though The Vampire Diaries is officially done, the fandom lives on in conventions and fan fiction. Many of the actors have become regulars on the convention circuit, but Dobrev has skipped most of these opportunities to mingle with fans since leaving the show. However, this doesn't mean that she's not still a fan of her former co-stars, as an Instagram post from 2017 shows her smiling Paul Wesley.Per IMDb, Dobrev's most recent film, Dog Days, struggled to find an audience. The PG comedy has only earned $6.7 million since its release on August 12. This won't keep the actress off the big screen for long, though. She currently has four films in post-production; Lucky Day, Run This Town, All-Star Weekend, and Departures. Even if none of these do as well as The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev's Instagram followers make it clear she still has a large, loyal fanbase.