Beyonce & Jay Z Share Candid, Cute Instagram Snapshot Cutting Pop Singer’s Birthday Cake

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Beyonce took to popular social media platform Instagram earlier today to give her fans and followers a look inside her birthday celebrations as she turned 37. Born on September 4, 1981, the world-famous pop star and actress spent the previous year welcoming a number of significant milestones which she itemized in detail in the caption beneath the social media share.

In the picture Beyonce can be seen smiling broadly as she cuts into her birthday cake, drizzled with chocolate and garnished with fruit. A perimeter of freshly baked ladyfingers ensconces the sweet treat and her birthday wishes adorn the top. She is dressed casually, wearing a beautiful pink top with a plunging neckline and long, loose sleeves in addition to a pair of white bottoms. Her hair, wild and unstyled, lends a casual flair to the proceedings that seem to reinforce the loving authenticity of the shot.

Beyonce is backgrounded in the Instagram share by an array of rural scenery, brush, and trees in browns and greens giving a great aesthetic contrast to her own outfit as well as the crisp white linen of the tablecloth draped over the slab she is seated at.

Her caption details all of the things she has accomplished over the past year — becoming a mother of three, breastfeeding twins, renewing her vows to her partner of a decade, performing at Coachella post-pregnancy, dropping Everything is Love with Jay Z, and more.

Throughout it all, loving husband and acclaimed rap artist in his own right Jay Z is captured to her left, head tilted curiously as he takes a video of the entire affair for his own purposes. The pair appears to be very much in love in the photograph, with Jay Z sporting a rather bemused smile at his wife’s apparent delight.

Beyonce closed out the rather lengthy paragraph attending her Instagram share with a reiteration of her love for her legions of fans, which she commonly refers to as her “bey-hive.”

The married couple’s collaborative artistic effort of 2018, Everything is Love, debuted at No. 1 on the R&B sales charts, according to Billboard. Billed under the stage name of The Carters, the musical duo had a hit on their hands from day one, promoting such singles as “Apes**t” and “Boss.”

Taking on a more measured, almost classy sonic expression, the collaborative album blends the very best of both artists, drawing from Jay Z’s lyrical repertoire and Beyonce’s ear for melody and meter.