Donald Trump Jr. 'Fixes' Nike Kaepernick Ad By Replacing Colin's Face With The President's

The new Nike advertisement featuring former NFL player Colin Kaepernick is generating big reactions, both positive and negative. Very quickly after Nike's new deal with Kaepernick was announced, many conservatives shared their outrage across social media and started destroying Nike gear they had. Soon the apparel giant released its first print ad featuring Colin and now the president's son has "fixed" it and shared his own version.

Nike's new ad featuring Colin Kaepernick shows a black-and-white photo of the footballer with the words "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything." Naturally, the Nike mantra "Just do it" was shown at the bottom. Much like the reaction to the partnership itself, the reaction to the ad has been intense.

Those who support Kaepernick and his efforts to protest police brutality and the oppression of people of color seem to universally love the ad. However, those who are typically on the right and who have been vocal in disliking the protests, believing that they are protesting the flag itself, the anthem, or disrespecting the country's veterans, quickly lashed out at the ad.

New variations of the advertisement quickly hit social media and President Trump's son Don Jr. was anxious to share one particular version. In this one, Kaepernick's face is replaced by the president's face, and the original wording is still in place. Trump Jr. shared this version via his Instagram page and added "There, fixed it for you. #MAGA"

Those who support Trump and the president's agenda loved the "fixed" ad. Plenty of those commenting on Don Jr.'s Instagram noted their support for the president, believing that the family has sacrificed greatly by entering the world of politics. They feel that Trump has done a magnificent job and has sacrificed a lot in terms of money, business, and privacy to take on the presidency.

However, Don Jr. got plenty of negative feedback, too. Many questioned exactly what the president has sacrificed and some commenters said the replacement version was repulsive. Multiple people on Instagram and Twitter urged Nike to go after Trump for copyright infringement, while others quipped that Trump had sacrificed America to Russian President Putin.

Many will be curious to see how this campaign featuring Kaepernick affects Nike in the long term. Ad Age called the company's decision to go this route a bold one, noting that it's hard to tell at this stage whether it will ultimately help or hurt them.

Did Donald Trump Jr. go too far in sharing the "fixed" advertisement featuring President Donald Trump in place of Colin Kaepernick? There's definitely more to come on this advertising campaign and everybody's reaction to it, as people aren't holding back on sharing their opinions.