Tamra Judge's Husband Eddie Requests 'All the Prayers I Can Get' Amid Health Struggles

Tamra Judge's husband, Eddie Judge, went under the knife earlier this week and before he did so, the Real Housewives of Orange County husband shared an emotional message with his fans and followers on Instagram.

"Wish me luck this week! It's time for yet another Ablation," he began, confirming his latest ablation is his third this year.

Over the past several months, Eddie has undergone many heart surgeries, including multiple cardioversions and cardiac ablations, and much of his health struggles have been featured on episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Eddie went on to reveal that while he knows he is in great hands, he needs the prayers of those around him to help him through pull through his ongoing health struggles.

"I'm in great hands with one of the best heart surgeons in the world BUT, I need all the prayers I can get to get thru this ablation. Thank you for all the love and support," he added.

Tamra and Eddie Judge got married in June 2013 after Tamra's messy split from her former husband Simon Barney. As fans will recall, the couple's ceremony and the moments leading up to it were depicted on their Real Housewives of Orange County special, Tamra's OC Wedding.

In July, Tamra Judge opened up about her husband Eddie's heart problems during an interview with Bravo TV's The Daily Dish, explaining that she and her partner have been facing difficult time after moving into their new home in Southern California.

"Eddie had his first heart procedure the day after we moved in, so since we moved in, he's had a total of five heart procedures and he's still not doing great," she explained.

"He's actually, right now, worse than when he started out," Tamra continued. "He just had a heart procedure three weeks ago where they went in and cauterized his heart in 71 places and we thought that that was going to be the end. But now he's in the healing process and that sent him into what's called a flutter and his heart is just uncontrollable. And he's on all kind of medication: heart medication and beta blockers. And it's just really been difficult on pretty much all of us — more so on him."

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