Pimp My Blackberry 9700. Monocle Offers Customized Mod

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the discerning mobile lover in your life who has everything, you might want to check in with Monocle. The company is offering a modified Blackberry 9700 that gives a bit more business flair to the Blackberry Smartphone.

The upgraded devices aren’t cheap at £950 (approximately $1,500) and the upgraded options won’t be for everyone. Basically you’ll get a premium leather strap added to the unit, Monocle 25/25 travel guides loaded on the device, several “business friendly” custom wallpapers and a 16GB microSDHC card.

To show off your mod (only 100 are available) Monocle has engraved what number your device is out of 100. Such as 1/100 or 99/100.

It may not be for everyone, but if you must have it for a loved one or for yourself, they’ll start shipping on December 10th so get your order in today. [Engadget]