Trump’s Golf Bills Include $300K On Carts Alone

Leon NealGetty Images

A common criticism of Donald Trump since he has become president is the countless golf trips he has taken since securing the office. It seems that at least once a month you will see Trump on a golfing excursion. While it may be frustrating to see a world leader kill time on a golf course instead of making America great again, it becomes even more so upon the revelation of how much this all costs, paid for, of course, with taxpayer dollars.

TMZ has received federal documents that paint a dark picture for those who look toward the Republican party as one of fiscal responsibility. When looking only at the expenses related to the golf carts that Trump rents for his outings, that bill alone comes to the whopping total of $300,675. The size of that bill takes into consideration the fact that for every round of golf Trump plays, he must be followed by his extensive secret service team, who all need their own cart.

The most common source of these expenses is at Trump’s very own Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida, what Trump has referred to as the winter White House, that has been taking advantage of the president’s fondness of the resort. Having spent 153 total days since taking office on the golfing green with a large security team, once you start looking at the math it’s not hard to realize how such a skyrocketing expense renting golf carts becomes.

While the $300,000 seems excessive, it’s only a small percentage when taking a look at the full picture of President Trump’s regular golf excursions. The grand total of all golf expenses since taking office is the almost unbelievable number of $77 million, all funded by the taxpayer, of course.

If that’s not disheartening enough, that $300,000 figure for renting golf carts only accounts for Trump’s domestic golf. It doesn’t take into account the president’s golf trips during his visits to the United Kingdom and Japan, hiding what could somehow become an even more outrageous number.

With less than two years on the job, it is almost surreal how the sitting president has accrued so much time on the golf course, spending roughly five months of his job playing. When the debate about capping reckless spending arises for things like health care and welfare, one has to hope that perhaps a reasonable first place to look when stopping wasteful spending is taxpayer-funded golf trips that may reach a total of $200 million spent by the end of Trump’s first term.