TN Sen. Corker's daughter Julia unhurt after D.C. carjacking

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker's daughter Julia is unhurt after an incident in which she was forcibly removed from her vehicle in Washington D.C. last night during a carjacking.

Police believe the incident, which occurred near the Verizon Center at approximately 9:30pm on Wednesday, was random. Julia Corker, 22, was driving a 2005 Chevy Tahoe at the corner of D and 7th Streets NW when she was approached by two men. ABC affiliate WJLA posted details from the police report:

One attacker stopped her to ask, 'Where is Gallery Place?'; the other opened Corker's driver's side door, pulled her out, choked her when she resisted, and then threw her to the ground, the report states.
The attack was reportedly so violent that Corker lost consciousness for a brief period, waking only to see her SUV driving away. Corker quickly phoned for help, and OnStar quickly tracked the Tahoe to Central Avenue in Seat Pleasant. Police arrested two suspects on the scene, and Senator Corker (R-TN) was present for the arrests. Seat Pleasant police declined to release the names of the two suspects.

Julia Corker is apparently doing well after the incident, reportedly only suffering from a sore neck.