Farrah Abraham Goes Completely Naked On The Beach In Costa Rica

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham showed off her body on the beach in Costa Rica this week. The reality star stripped off her bikini on the beach for a racy photo shoot and then frolicked in the ocean.

According to a Sept. 5 report by the Daily Mail, Farrah Abraham took off all of her clothes on the beach during her vacation in Costa Rica. The reality star went completely nude for a sexy photo shoot. Farrah had sand all over her body as she covered herself up to pose for the photographs.

The ex-Teen Mom star showed off her tan lines as she posed for the camera. Farrah donned wet hair, which she wore in natural-looking waves. She also sported bright red lips and splashed around in the water in her birthday suit.

Farrah Abraham has been showing off her body the entire time she has been in Costa Rica. The mother of one posted a video of herself emerging from the swimming pool of her vacation home while wearing a very revealing black bathing suit. Later she posted a second video where she was wearing only daisy dukes and a bra while she jumped rope while looking out over the beautiful scenery.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Abraham recently revealed that she is working on a movie about her life as a teenage mother. Farrah claims that while they haven't started the casting process yet, she has already picked the ideal actress to portray her in the upcoming project.

"I think Selena Gomez would play me great and I am excited to start casting once the package is ready to go," Abraham stated, adding that she is currently "finishing the first round of the script and they have brought in more screenwriters."

In addition, Farrah Abraham has recently found herself in some legal trouble. The former Teen Mom OG personality was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel in June after she allegedly hit a staff member. She was later charged with battery, and offered a plea deal that would lessen the charges and see the reality star paying a fine, attending anger management classes, and performing community service.

However, she did not want to take the deal, and decided to plead not guilty to the charges as she plans to prove her innocence.

"I'm just moving on with my life, working on my TV stuff … Go, women! I'm not guilty. I don't need a criminal record. I'm not like the other Teen Moms! I don't think it's funny when other people are bullied or harassed. I am a victim and that is why I am here. I just don't want to be victimized and charged for something false on my record," Farrah Abraham told Us Weekly following her court hearing.