Princess Eugenie Gives Rare Interview Before Wedding

Jeff Spicer Getty Images

Though Princess Eugenie is a 21-century princess, she’s not usually one to give interviews. According to Hello!, the 29-year-old spoke out to the media to address an issue she’s taken to heart. Earlier this week, the bride-to-be gave an interview to discuss her campaign with the Antislavery Initiative, which is designed to address all aspects of modern day slavery. Princess Eugenie and her friend, Julia de Boinville, have been working on the initiative for the past five years.

In the interview with Global GoalsCast, Princess Eugenie opened up about her trip to India in 2013 with her mother, Sarah Ferguson. She says that the trip inspired her humanitarian work.

“Jules and I went with my mum to visit Calcutta, India, back in 2013 and we met this amazing woman called Inaudible who started the Women’s Interlink Foundation and she works to take trafficked girls and women off the streets and teaches them a vocational skill such as printing on fabrics, making these amazing handbags and scarves and dresses and just beautiful products,” Princess Eugenie began.

She added that the incident was the first time she and her friend had ever seen an instance of modern day slavery and human trafficking. Princess Eugenie also said that her time in Calcutta opened her eyes to the reality that slavery still exists throughout the world. Upon their return, Princess Eugenie and de Boinville set up the Key to Freedom fashion label.

The line, which is also supported by Princess’ Eugenie’s mother and her father, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, works in conjunction with the Women’s Interlink Foundation to get their products in stores and to support their movement. Key to Freedom clothing is stocked in a number of places, including Topshop.

Additionally, Princess Eugenie said that she and de Boinville have worked hard to educate themselves on what modern slavery is. She spoke about a victim of trafficking that they had met who had a huge impact on them.

“We met this incredible girl who was trafficked by her next-door neighbor in Manchester to a gang, and the gang did horrific things to her,” Princess Eugenie said.

“And what’s amazing about this story and what has stayed with Jules and I, is that she is the most incredible 21-year-old girl you will ever meet. She walked in and smiled and told her story with such courage and conviction, and sat there and just said that she wants to fight with us and keep us going.”