Salma Hayek Busts Out Cleavage In Birthday Instagram Shot, ‘Latin Lover’ Star Turns A Buoyant 52

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Actress Salma Hayek, the Best Actress Oscar nominee for the 2002 biopic Frida, celebrated her 52nd birthday over the weekend. Her birthday celebration included cake as she revealed in a pair of Instagram videos. Hayek wore a form-fitting, shirt black dress with a low-cut neckline that also made for a cleavage-revealing Instagram birthday photo.

“Sitting cross-legged on a lounge chair, Hayek looks up and to the left of the camera as she smiles wide in a sparkly black dress. The barefoot actress is also showing off two sizable rings on her right hand,” wrote People Magazine in a feature on Hayek’s 52nd birthday.

Hayek’s life seems like a storybook fiction, as the site Real Clear Life points out. She’s had a successful career as a Hollywood star that has now spanned 33 years, since her 1995 breakout role alongside Antonio Banderas in the cult-classic Robert Rodriguez-directed thriller, Desperado.

Not only has Hayek worked steadily as a Hollywood leading lady since then, on Valentine’s Day in 2009 she married François-Henri Pinault, the billionaire scion of a French luxury goods-making family, as The Inquisitr reported, who with an estimated net worth of $33.5 billion ranks as the 23rd richest person on Earth — making Hayek’s own estimated $85 million fortune look meager by comparison.

Here’s Hayek’s birthday photo, posted September 3 on Instagram, the day after her 52nd birthday.

The buoyant photo was tame compared to some of Hayek’s recent Instagram posts, which include an expertly staged shot of Hayk in black lingerie that recalled the 1950s-era racy photos of pinup queen Bettie Page, as recalled in an Atlantic Magazine profile.

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Just three weeks shy of her 52nd birthday, Hayek posted a bikini-body shot that appeared designed to prove that even at age 52, she retained the status of Hollywood bombshell.

As People reported, Hayek first married Pinault in a city hall ceremony, but the happy, and wealthy, couple renewed their vows in bigger, blowout ceremony in Venice, Italy.

“The summer is coming to an end and my best moment was when my husband surprised me with a vow renewal- it was not what I would have chosen to wear to my wedding but I was told I was going to the spa!” Hayek said when the couple were “married” for a second time, as quoted by People.

Hayek’s most recent hit was the comedy How To Be a Latin Lover. Her next movie, scheduled to screen September 8 at the Toronto Film Festival according to the Internet Movie Database, is The Hummingbird, described as being about “a pair of high-frequency traders who go up against their old boss in an effort to make millions in a fiber-optic cable deal.”