Former ‘Bachelor’ Winner Lauren Bushnell Talks ‘Cherishing’ Time On Her Own After Recent Split

Randy ShropshireGetty Images for Love is Louder

Several seasons ago, Lauren Bushnell thought she had found love on ABC’s The Bachelor when she got engaged to Ben Higgins. The two quickly started planning a wedding and got their own spinoff show, but they ultimately went their separate ways after deciding they weren’t meant to be together after all. Lauren reunited with a former flame and dated him for about a year, but she recently split with him too. Now Bushnell is opening up about being single and feeling ready for love, and fans won’t want to miss what she had to say.

As the Inquisitr previously shared, not all that long ago Lauren Bushnell hinted that marriage might be in the cards for her and then-boyfriend Devin Antin. Unfortunately, just a short time after that, news emerged that Lauren and Devin had called it quits. It had sounded as if the door might still be open for a reunion, but this week she opened up about things and it sounds as if she’s ready to move on from her relationship with Antin.

Bushnell told People this week that right now, she’s embracing the opportunity to be on her own for a bit and she cherishes the time she has now with being single. Lauren admitted that in the past she’s tended to be afraid to be alone, and she acknowledges that she reunited with Devin perhaps too quickly after breaking off her engagement with Bachelor fiance Ben Higgins.

Lauren says she’s content to be single right now, and she wants to take some time to take stock of what worked and what didn’t in these former relationships. The Bachelor veteran feels that she’s matured throughout these past two relationships and she told Us Weekly that she has a strong sense of what she wants in a partner. Bushnell said that he has to have a good personality and a sense of humor, and her future Mr. Right needs to have similar life goals and values as hers.

Would Bushnell date someone else from the franchise? Lauren says she truly wants to settle down and find her guy, so she’s open to all options in terms of where she finds her soulmate. The Bachelor star added that she’d never close a door before it even opens, and she’s going to try to simply go with the flow and figure it’ll happen however it’s supposed to happen.

The Bachelor fans would love to see her give things another go with Higgins, but it doesn’t sound as if that’s in the cards. There’s little doubt that after these comments, buzz will start making the rounds that perhaps Bushnell could be the next Bachelorette or head to Bachelor in Paradise next summer. It’s far too early for any of those types of decisions to be made, but Lauren Bushnell’s fans will be anxious to see what comes next for her.