Asia Argento Says She Was ‘Sexually Attacked’ By Accuser Jimmy Bennett, Shocking New Statement

Andreas Rentz Getty Images

Asia Argento has issued a new statement today through her lawyer in relation to the ongoing sexual assault allegations against her by former co-star Jimmy Bennett. Argento now says that she was assaulted by Bennett when he was a teenager in 2013, which is the complete opposite of the claims that Bennett is making against her.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, allegations are swirling around Argento, the 42-year old Italian actress and one of the most vocal opponents of Harvey Weinstein. Argento rose to prominence in the Me Too movement after going public with accusations of sexual assault by Weinstein. However, months later Argento became the focus of scrutiny when former co-star Jimmy Bennett said that Argento sexually assaulted him in a hotel room when he was a teen. Argento maintains that her relationship with Bennett was never sexual, and that the two had a long distance friendship.

Argento’s new attorney, Mark Jay Heller, acknowledged that the actress’s late boyfriend, Anthony Bourdain, entered into a $380,000 agreement with Bennett to protect Argento. Heller now states that Argento will cease payments to Bennett, who has reportedly received $250,000 so far.

USA Today reports that Argento is now stating through her lawyer that Bennett in fact “sexually attacked” her in 2013, rather than the other way around.

Argento says that she remained quiet at the time and decided not to press charges because she sympathized with Bennett, who was a teen at the time of the incident. Heller said in a statement that Argento is “not using the word ‘rape,’ she’s saying he ‘sexually attacked’ her.”

Heller has made additional accusations against Bennett, stating that he learned of charges against the actor from an 80-page investigative report commissioned by Bourdain. Heller claims that Bennett was charged in 2014 at the Los Angeles Police Department with ‘unlawful sex with a minor,’ ‘stalking’ and ‘child pornography’ and ‘child exploitation.’…”

These shocking developments were sparked by a 3-page statement posted by Heller online today. CNN reports that Heller maintains Argento’s innocence.

“As revealed in the text messages published by TMZ, Asia stated, ‘The horny kid jumped me… I had sex with him it felt weird.’ She went on to relate that she became ‘frozen’ when he was on top of her and told her that she had been his sexual fantasy since he was 12 years old. Asia chose at the time not to prosecute Bennett for sexually attacking her.”