Olivia Culpo And Yu Tsai Butt Heads On 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Edition Test Shoot On 'Model Squad'

Inquisitr Staff

Olivia Culpo has wanted to appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for some time now, and finally given the chance, things did not go so smoothly as was seen on the premiere episode of the new E! Network show Model Squad which aired last night. Photographer Yu Tsai is known as the gatekeeper of the annual issue, taking great care in choosing who will even get a test shoot for the iconic edition of the magazine. Tsai has been known to turn away some very famous models in the past that he felt didn't have the right energy, look, or that he just didn't like.

Tsai didn't give the former Miss Universe a pass just because she showed up on time and is famous. He held the Rhode Island native to the same standards he demands of every other model, and it seemed to fluster Culpo, who is not used to that sort of treatment as reported by E! Online. The pair began their work together with a conversation about expectations, and when Culpo began supplying Tsai with "beauty pageant answers," Tsai appeared unimpressed, and let Culpo know as much.

"I'm inspired by girls who show up on my set and bring me a new set of energy. I want to see it when you're on set, that the confidence you talk about, it is not something that I'm gonna google and find. I want you."

When Culpo came out and asked Tsai if she should just do "Whatever," Tsai lost it on her again, dressing her down in a particularly harsh -- but many fans say deserved -- manner, as she looked to her team of assistants for support.

"Not whatever, you're gonna know what you're gonna do and you'll deliver it. Not whatever. It's not about them. How do you feel? If you want them to judge should I hand a camera to them? Why do you care what they think?"