Eminem’s Surprise Album ‘Kamikaze’ Tops Charts In US And On Track To Break Records In Britain

Rich PolkGetty Images

After the surprise release of hip-hop artist Eminem’s 10th full-length album Kamikaze on August 31, Forbes now reports that the artist is on the verge of breaking records worldwide. As shared by The Inquisitr last week, the album’s release came out of nowhere without promotional publicity – unlike his previous album, Revival, which was released in 2017.

While Revival was Marshall Mathers’ (a.k.a. Eminem’s) 8th consecutive album to debut at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 last year, it did not receive the same usual enthusiasm from fans and critics as his past work. It also only received half the sales income as the previous album. However, Revival’s Billboard rank made Eminem the first artist in US history to top the charts with eight consecutive albums.

This time, Eminem’s impromptu tweet served as the only announcement for the new album’s release, and fans went wild. His tweet stated, “Tried not to overthink this one…enjoy.”

Fans began responding immediately, stating their elation that Eminem’s new album would bring him back to the top, and didn’t need the type of promotion which he used for Revival.

“This is the Eminem where I want to listen to one track over and over, this is the Eminem where I want to memorize every line, this is the Eminem I want to put on after a [crappy] day… This is the Eminem Hip Hop needs”

“I assume [Eminem] is sitting with a massive smile on his face letting the #Kamikaze album do the promo for itself, I don’t think he needs an ad!”

“Drops an album without any leaks and goes no. 1 on iTunes in 30 minutes.”

In Britain, Mathers’ track record has also been chart-topping over the years, Forbes reports. The U.K’s Official Chart has just been updated, listing Kamikaze as the likely winner. Though the official results won’t be released until Friday, it is almost certain that the album will come out on top. This means that Eminem will most likely break the record for most consecutive No. 1 debut albums in Britain, beating out previous record holders ABBA and Led Zeppelin.

If Britain’s charts are any source of prediction, Eminem is likely to top the US charts as well. As long as the album outperforms the South Korean band BTS, the artist will also continue his winning streak of nine consecutive top-placing albums in his home country.

Billboard reviewed the Kamikaze album’s success in a recent article, attributing much of its success to the element of surprise in its release. While Revival’s release was publically planned and promoted before its release, like the release of the less-than-outstanding single “Walk on Water” and TV/Internet advertisement, Kamikaze‘s surprise entrance overwhelmed social media trends with enthusiasm.

The album’s success has thus far been due to digital sales, and there are still four to six weeks left before its CDs begin shipping. Sales are only bound to increase at that point in time.