Sexiest Instagram Photos Of Daniela Braga: From $300-A-Month Job To Victoria’s Secret Angel And TV Star

Daniela Braga is living the dream. In 2011, Braga was still living in her native Brazil, working a job that paid $300 per month while she was attending university in pursuit of a degree in business management. She had no major complaints about life, and she was doing the best she could to carve out a better life, the same as anyone else would. Braga, one of three children, was raised with an intense work ethic instilled in her by her construction worker father and her mother who worked in an office, as reported by Fox News. Being a model was never on her radar as a career choice. Braga wanted to be a businesswoman.

Fate had other ideas for Braga, as a modeling agent spotted her at her job and began scouting her. A few sample photos quickly turned into a diverse portfolio, and before anyone realized it, she was a working model making more money in an afternoon than she used to make in a year on some engagements. Braga began doing shoots for Vogue UK and Harper’s Bazaar. She continued learning her trade and made a move to walking the runway for Givenchy, whom she did an ad campaign for. Then the call came, and she was walking in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

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When she arrived in New York as her career was taking off in 2011, she only knew two words of English: hello and goodbye. She said that people thought she was just some stupid model because she couldn’t express herself in a language they understood. Now, she is going to be one of the stars of a new addition to the E! Network Monday night lineup, Model Squad, which also stars Olivia Culpo.

As Braga described it to Fox News, the show is going to dig down into the real life of models. Instead of focusing on the glitz and glam of doing high-profile fashion shows or photoshoots in exotic locales, it will look at the gritty side of the industry.

“It shows the real side of a model’s life. People only see the glamorous side of modeling, but [there are] a lot of struggles.”

No one can say Braga is just a dumb model now, or even just a model. She now speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French. She supports herself and her family back in Brazil, she has a television show on the horizon, and she is the businesswoman she always wanted to be. Braga is a backer for a smartphone company and property based in Brazil and New York. She may have built her budding empire differently than she expected to, but from $300 per month to where she is now is quite a story.