Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Dares Bob Woodward To Release Tapes

Drew AngererGetty Images

As things heat up in the Trump White House as a result of the impending release of the new book Fear: Trump In The White House by Bob Woodward, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has challenged the Watergate writer to prove his assertions with tapes.

The Daily Beast says that Giuliani is calling Woodward out on Twitter in advance of his book release to prove that someone gave him the quotes, particularly the one about the president’s lawyer needing his diaper changed.

“[Twenty] to 30 witnesses saw it and can say he or his source are liars. Most important for libel purposes, he never called me. Didn’t want to know truth.”

TDB asked Giuliani about his tweet, and they are reporting that the former New York mayor got defensive.

“I know [Woodward is] a D.C. god but he has a history of sloppy [journalism to] make money… I’m tired of it. Let’s see what he has, or is he just a phony Washington icon?”

Giuliani and others have been reacting since the Washington Post started releasing excerpts of Bob Woodward’s book, even though the Trump administration has known for months that it was to be published

The Hill says that after Trump’s initial negative comments about Woodward, a tape was released of the president saying that Woodward was fair, but asking the journalist why he wasn’t interviewed. After Woodward said it wasn’t for a lack of trying, Trump, at first, denied he was asked, and then relented.

Rudy Giuliani denies that the Trump White House is in crisis and that anyone in the West Wing is scrambling to protect the country from “a reckless president.”

The Washington Post stated that Woodward has documentation, tapes, diary entries, emails, and other forms of proof to back up what he has written in his forthcoming book. On CNN today, Woodward’s former Watergate reporting partner, Carl Bernstein, said that the author has a library of taped interviews.

“There are so many tape recordings from his sources.”

Giuliani said that if anyone working in the White House spoke badly of the president or the Trump administration, they “should be questioning why they are there.”

“Why don’t they go get another job? That’s the kind of disloyalty that leads to you leaving, not staying and undermining the president.”

Donald Trump has said that Woodward’s book is a work of fiction and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has said the book is full of “nothing more than fabricated stories.”