‘Queer Eye’ Cast Member Karamo Brown Opens Up About Sexual Harassment From Women

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

If #MeToo has taught us anything, it is that the feeling of being objectified goes beyond any expectation or standard that people may perceive, that how the victim feels should be of the utmost concern and not brushed away. Queer Eye and former Real World: Philedelphia cast member Karamo Brown took the experiences of those around him coming forward and revealed his own stories of dealing with sexual harassment, in his case at the hands of women, reports Page Six.

Brown told his story while featuring as a guest on the Domenick Nati show, digging deep into his experiences of dealing with women who just can’t accept the word no and what he does today to avoid falling into the situations that have plagued his past.

“I also think about the fact that as a gay man, many straight women feel very confident and comfortable in touching me or doing things because they think it’s funny,” Brown said as he explained his perspective to Nati. “They make comments like, ‘Well you’re not straight, so this is fine. I can do these little things or say these things to you.’ When in essence, you would never do that to another woman or straight man.”

While Brown was reserved when pressed upon who exactly the women were that were so forward with him, as well as avoided the specific details of the encounters that troubled him so deeply, in an effort to deny it the significance and allow himself to move on, he did open up about how he has adjusted to those situations and the course of action that he currently takes.

“Because I’m trained, I can stop at a moment and say, ‘What’s your intention behind this action? Is your intention to actually harass me or is it because of the lack of cultural knowledge you think that it’s OK to do this behavior?’

Brown said that usually when they are confronted about their actions, the women will usually back down. The 37-year-old is himself in a committed relationship with boyfriend Ian Jordan and has recently revealed that he is planning to get married after becoming engaged in May.

It was Brown who popped the question, surprising Jordan at a dinner in Los Angeles, telling Jordan “You are the funniest man I know, the kindest man, my biggest cheerleader. You made me feel like I could do anything,” according to reports from Page Six.

Brown also has two children from a previous relationship.