Tropical Storm Gordon Makes Landfall, Claims Child As First Fatality

Tropical Storm Gordon hit the Alabama-Missippi border on Tuesday night reports Fox News with the storm creating several tornadoes across the area, which caused a child to die in Northwest Florida.

In Escambia County, Florida an emergency call was made to report that a downed tree had slammed into a mobile home when Sheriff's deputies arrived at the home they found a child who had already passed away, the child's name and age were not released.

Despite fears reported earlier by the Inquisitr the storm never gained the strength to become a hurricane which authorities are hoping will lessen the loss of life.

While the storm did not grow in that intensity there were still several tornado warnings issued by the National Weather Service (NWS), resulting in trees being uprooted and flash floods being reported throughout the Gulf Coast from Pensacola, Florida to Arkansas.

So far no other injuries have been reported after the tropical storm struck land at 10 p.m. and the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said that it will lose intensity as it travels in the lower Mississippi Valley.

Despite the lessening of the intensity of the storm that does not mean that residents of the region should lower their guard with the Mobile branch of the NWS warns that the Styx River could potentially flood.

The path of the storm traveled from 70 miles outside of Mobile, Alabama, heading northwest up the Gulf Coast, moving through toward Louisiana, with rainfall expected to hit Arkansas, well inland from the center of the storm.

Rains started between Biloxi, Mississippi, and Mobile with the wind picking up tight before nightfall before moving to Dauphin Island in Alabama where a strong storm surge hit.

With the storm continuing a hurricane warning is still in effect for most of the Gulf Coast an area stretching from Mississippi's Pearl River to the Alabama-Florida border, with the NHC expecting as much as eight inches of rain to fall and rain likely to continue through to Thursday evening. Further to those warnings, a storm surge warning has been issued for coastal areas with people warned to protect themselves and stay away from the beach.

200 members of the National Guard were readied in Louisiana to prepare for the storm, which ended up mostly staying away from the state but still caused inundation through storm surges. More work will be expected from Louisiana to Florida as the rain will increase the risk of flooding before receding in the coming days as the storm weakens to a tropical depression.