‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Oscar’s Condition Rocks Port Charles As Kim Faces Difficult Questions & Decisions

Todd WawrychukABC

General Hospital spoilers hint that this developing storyline with the character of Oscar Nero is going to be a heartbreaking one and it will touch a lot of people throughout Port Charles. There had been teasers swirling for a while that something was going to happen to Oscar, but the reality of what’s wrong with him is far more serious than most viewers anticipated.

Last week, viewers watched as Oscar had a seizure while preparing for his anniversary celebration with Josslyn. Once his mother Kim learned what happened, she was immediately heartbroken. While there are more details yet to be revealed on Oscar’s illness, Tuesday’s show revealed enough for fans to get a sense of where this is headed.

Oscar was ill as a child and now it looks like his remission is over. Considering that Kim is working to connect with Terry, Elizabeth’s childhood friend who is a pediatric oncologist, it looks as if Oscar overcome a childhood cancer as a child and that the tumors seem to have returned.

The weekly preview shared via Twitter shows that people will quickly rally to Oscar’s side, as Josslyn rushes to be with him and Drew begs Kim to tell him what’s wrong with their son. Soap Central details that Joss and Oscar will make a vow to one another as he struggles with his illness and Josslyn will swear not to give up hope that he’ll recover.

This storyline will bring the character of Terry into the mix of things as she orchestrates a care plan for Oscar, and General Hospital spoilers note that Drew will lean on Sam while he struggles to support his son. Viewers watched last week as Jason bonded some with his nephew, and viewers will surely see Jason, Carly, and Sonny involved in this as they’re connected to Oscar now too.

Julian just reached out to plead for Drew’s help in winning over Kim’s son and he’ll have an opportunity here to support his girlfriend and son as they battle this illness. General Hospital spoilers have detailed that a big storyline that involves Kim, Julian, and Alexis is about to begin, so it sounds as if this may ultimately touch Alexis in some way, too.

Will Oscar survive this recurrence of his illness? Kim seems to feel as if this isn’t a battle he can win again, but everybody is going to push hard to get the teen the care he needs to recover. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as this storyline moves forward to see what comes next and how this tragic illness impacts everybody in Port Charles.