Bikini Photos Of The Top 5 Sexiest Models Competing To Become A Victoria’s Secret Angel

It’s that time of the year again when Manhattan, New York, is overrun with some of the most beautiful models from around the world hoping to become a Victoria’s Secret angel. There have already been cuts to the immense pool of talent that began the journey a few weeks ago, and now it is down to the models that have been called back, according to Vogue Australia. All told, 40 models have made it this far, and while some have extensive experience in the industry, there are a few newcomers that are turning heads as well. Today, they will be judged by a panel led by chief marketing officer of creative services Edward Razek to see who will walk the runway in wings this winter.

Adriana Lima, Taylor Hill, and Candice Swanepoel are already resident angels, and they do not have to audition again. Today’s callback is all about finding the models that will walk the runway with them when the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show takes place later this year. Some of the models are already in the Victoria’s Secret family, modeling for their catalogs and online ad campaigns. Some have worked for other major brands, modeled for Sports Illustrated, or have been walking the runway for brands such as Gucci, Armani, and Fendi.

One of the favorites this year is Anne De Paula from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Working out of the famous Wilhelmina Models Agency, De Paula has modeled for Christian Dior, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, and she is a staple of the runway and the red carpet as she can often be seen at many of New York City’s biggest events.

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Tako Natsvlishvili has worked with DKNY but is best known for modeling for Armani. While she has done her fair share of swimsuit and lingerie modeling, Natsvlishvili is best known for prowling the catwalk. The Georgian-born model has been affiliated with multiple agencies since moving to New York to further her career, according to Models. Although she is only 19, she has the look and the presence that make her a favorite this year.

Sadie Newman is a British model represented by Wilhelmina Los Angeles, London and New York, Ford New York and Premium Models. She left England for New York when she was 17 to begin her career, has built a large resume of work for top designers, and has even managed an acting credit as well. She is remembered by many for having dated actor Cameron Monaghan, and her current relationship with rapper Hoodie Allen.

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Pinay model, Kelsey Merrit, is an international model working out of New York, Los Angeles, Milan, and London. Merrit is considered a favorite by many as she is already working for Victoria’s Secret, and her work on the panty sale campaign ran over Labor Day weekend. Although it may mean nothing, the official Victoria’s Secret Twitter account followed her last week, which some believe means that she will soon get her wings. While Victoria’s Secret has worked with several models from the Philippines in the past, none have walked the runway for them yet, so Merrit may make a little history very soon.

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Finally, Chantal Monaghan is a diva of the catwalk with experience modeling and representing major brands. This native Australian has been working out of New York for a while now, and many think she has paid her dues in full and is ready for her wings. She works internationally, according to Models, and is famous for her modeling of Haute Couture lines, particularly Jean Paul Gaultier.

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Good luck to all of the models hoping to get their wings today. You’re already winners.