‘Baki’ Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers: Doppo Unleashes Tiger Killer Against Dorian, Yujiro Hanma Appears

Keisuke Itagaki (AKITASHOTEN)1992Netflix

Baki Season 3 Episode 11, which is currently available at Netflix, featured an epic fight between Doppo Orochi and Kaioh Dorian. After Dorian defeated Suedo, Doppo, Katsumi, and Kaioh Retsu appeared at the theme park and poised to go on a 3-on-1 match against the dangerous death row inmate. Retsu was the first fighter to approach Dorian. However, to everyone’s surprise, he vowed to the enemy, like a student paying respect to his teacher.

Baki Season 3 Episode 11 revealed that Retsu and Dorian came from the same school, and the latter is considered as a legend in Chinese Kenpo. Dorian challenged Retsu to a duel, but Retsu said that they are not allowed to fight each other. Katsumi volunteered to fight Dorian, but Doppo asked his son to let him handle the enemy.

Doppo shocked Dorian when he showed his left hand fully healed. In their first encounter, Dorian succeeded to cut off one of Doppo’s hands using a wire. However, Baki Season 3 Episode 11 showed Doppo immediately heading to a famous doctor to reconnect his severed hand to his arm. In their second faceoff, Doppo’s attacks looked more effective against Dorian.

However, during their battle, Doppo noticed something strange and wondered why Dorian was very weak. Katsumi and Retsu found out that Doppo was being hypnotized by the enemy. Doppo created his own world where he’s fighting a fake Dorian. With his current state, Doppo became an easy target for the enemy.


However, when Dorian was about to end his life, Doppo managed to fight back. The hypnosis is still working on Doppo, but his natural instinct helped him land a critical strike and counter Dorian’s attacks. Dorian might be the best the Chinese Kenpo can offer, but Doppo proved that he’s someone that shouldn’t be underestimated.

With the incredible moves he’s showing in the fight, Dorian, Katsumi, and Retsu realized that Doppo was the legendary Tiger Killer who they first thought was only a fictional character. The ending of Baki Season 3 Episode 11 hinted that Dorian could finally know the taste of defeat in the hands of Doppo.

While Doppo and Dorian are fighting, Baki is having a date with Kozue. Baki doesn’t seem to be worried about the five dangerous death row inmates aiming for his head. However, when Baki and Kozue are about to go home, the most powerful man, Yujiro Hanma, in the world appeared. Yujiro was happy to see Baki finally growing up as a real man and found the girl that he loves.

However, Yujiro didn’t show up just to check on Baki’s social life. The much-awaited appearance of Yujiro is expected to add more thrill and excitement to the upcoming episodes of the popular anime.