Teresa Giudice Gets Mom-Shamed Over Her Daughter’s Back To School Outfit

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Teresa Giudice took to Instagram on Tuesday to post what should have been a simple back-to-school photo. But the internet isn’t a simple place, and so the picture she shared of her daughter starting senior year became a place of school dress code debate.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star posted a snap of her daughter Gia wearing a blue tie-dyed romper with the accompanying caption, “My gorgeous, gracious amazing Gia! I’m so excited for you, starting your senior year! I remember your first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday, enjoy every moment this year! I love you so much!!” She added the hashtags #mysenior #lastfirstdayofhighschool #myfirstborn #gia #firstdayofschool.

But Instagram users had a problem with the way the 17-year-old looked, with many claiming the girl is too young to be wearing such revealing clothes.

“Is that how they dress in New Jersey for school? Looks like she is headed to the club,” someone wrote in the comment section. “Girl, I would’ve gotten in school suspension for wearing something like that,” another Instagram user wrote, while one added, “That outfit wouldn’t be allowed in my school district.”

But fans also had an issue to the mom-shaming, and saw the opportunity to stand up to it.

“People need to get a life. I think this is an amazing photo,” a fan wrote. Another one wrote, “insecure old bitches in the comments trying to feign ‘concern’ for this young goddess and her style of dress… ugh she looks fine for school when it’s 90 degrees every day in the tri state this time of year.”

Other commenters also pointed out that most kids would be sent home from school over her look. “No hate here but upper New Jersey schools would send her home. Does not allow rompers to school no matter how hot and our schools have a/c. It’s cute though. None of the kids wear that much makeup either for school. She doesn’t even need it she’s so cute.”

This isn’t the first time the mother of four is hit with mom-shaming comments. Just last week, the 46-year-old faced backlash after she posted a photo to Instagram of her three daughters, including 9-year-old Audriana, wearing a full face of makeup, as Yahoo pointed out.

Giudice was also accused of using filters on the kids’ faces. Giudice and her family were enjoying some time off in the Bahamas, and the mom didn’t seem too bothered by the criticism as she continued to share delightful photos of their beach vacation.

Sister Love ???? #bahamas #family #laughing

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