Farrah Abraham Frolicks In Bikini While Having Fun In The Sun With Daughter Sophia

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is enjoying some fun in the sun with her daughter, Sophia, while vacationing in Costa Rica.

According to a Sept. 4 report by The Daily Mail, Farrah Abraham has been posting photos and videos from Costa Rica for days. The reality TV star left her lavish vacation home on Labor Day to see some of the sights.

Newly released photos show Farrah and her daughter, Sophia Abraham, frolicking in the water near a beautiful water fall during their vacation. Farrah is rocking a pink and blue bikini, with a classic triangle top for the occasion, as her shoulder length dark hair is worn down and looks damp.

Meanwhile, little Sophia is wearing a pink one-piece bathing suit, with her long, wavy dark locks also worn down in a natural looking style. The two former Teen Mom OG cast members seem to be having a great time together as they laughed, splashed each other, chased one another, and posed for photos in front of the 30-foot waterfall during the fun outing.

Farrah Abraham has been showing off her bikini body throughout her entire vacation in Costa Rica. The reality star posted a video of herself wearing a very revealing black bathing suit last week, followed by a clip of her jumping rope wearing only daisy dukes and a bra as she overlooked the scenery from her vacation home.

It seems that Abraham could be taking a vacation to get away from some of the drama in her life. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Farrah was recently charged with battery stemming from a June arrest where the former Teen Mom OG star was taken into custody for allegedly hitting a staff member at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

After being charged, Farrah was offered a plea deal that would have lessened her charges and had her pay a fine, take anger management classes, and do community service. However, Abraham refused the deal and pleaded not guilty to battery.

“I’m just moving on with my life, working on my TV stuff … Go, women! I’m not guilty. I don’t need a criminal record. I’m not like the other Teen Moms! I don’t think it’s funny when other people are bullied or harassed. I am a victim and that is why I am here. I just don’t want to be victimized and charged for something false on my record,” Farrah Abraham said following her court hearing.