Reality Steve Shares Spoilers On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star ‘Grocery Store Joe’ Amabile’s ‘DWTS’ Casting

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“Grocery Store Joe” Amabile has become a favorite of franchise fans and it sounds as if his reality television days aren’t over yet. He may have been sent home on the first night of Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette season, but Joe seems to be finding love with Kendall Long this summer on Bachelor in Paradise and now spoilers suggest that he’ll be doing Dancing with the Stars this fall. What are the latest spoilers on all of this?

As the Inquisitr shared over the weekend, gossip king Reality Steve had tweeted out a big Dancing with the Stars spoilers revealing that Joe Amabile would be a contestant on DWTS this fall. While Reality Steve’s spoilers initially detailed that Joe would partner with Sharna Burgess, he subsequently tweeted a correction and fans have been working to pinpoint who he will dance with this fall instead.

Now, Reality Steve has shared some additional context on all of this via his blog. His Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail that Joe and Kendall will split up at the end of Season 5 rather than leave Mexico as a couple. However, they have since reunited and the pre-taped reunion show will reveal that they are currently dating long-distance. As fans may remember, Amabile lives in Chicago, Illinois, while Long is in Los Angeles, California.

The latest spoilers from Reality Steve share that during the reunion show for Bachelor in Paradise, viewers will see footage of Kendall traveling to Chicago to ask Joe for another chance and they’ve been together since then. Host Chris Harrison will tell them he’d like to help make things easier in their long-distance relationship and he’ll ask Joe if he’d be up for an opportunity to live in Los Angeles for a while. This leads to Chris offering up a spot on Dancing with the Stars, which Joe accepts.


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Reality Steve says that the network seemed quite anxious to make this happen, so they’re providing Joe with a car and housing during his Dancing with the Stars run. It doesn’t seem clear whether it’s the Bachelor folks or the DWTS folks who are absorbing the cost for this, or if Amabile’s housing is something more than what contestants are typically provided. In any case, Grocery Store Joe is a hot commodity for ABC these days and fans can surely look forward to seeing Kendall pop up at rehearsals and in the audience throughout the season.

Initial Dancing with the Stars spoilers from Reality Steve put Joe with Sharna Burgess for this season. However, Steve later tweeted that he had been told that Sharna is with Bobby Bones, the host of radio’s The Bobby Bones Show who is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Spoilers and speculation from PureDWTS sync up with this revised tidbit, that Sharna is probably with Bobby. Burgess is reportedly in Nashville right now, and that doesn’t match up properly if she’s partnering with Joe. A fair number of fans speculate that Amabile will be with Emma Slater, whose location seems unknown at the moment. Other Dancing with the Stars pros known to be in Los Angeles right now include Cheryl Burke, Jenna Johnson, and Witney Carson.

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Additional speculation via PureDWTS suggests that Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley may be Witney’s partner, and Mamma Mia! Actor Juan Pablo Di Pace is thought to be with Cheryl. Dancing with the Stars fans would probably be surprised to see Joe paired with Jenna, who just won last season with skater Adam Rippon, but it’s possible. Rehearsals have already started for the fall DWTS season and that means that plenty of spoilers should be emerging this week as the pairs are spotted together.

Will living in Los Angeles this fall help Grocery Store Joe Amabile and Kendall Long solidify their Bachelor in Paradise romance? Does he have a shot at winning Dancing with the Stars? Fans will be anxious to learn more and it sounds as if being eliminated on night one during Becca’s Bachelorette is ultimately leading to big things for this sudden fan-favorite contestant.