Kristen Stewart Opens Up About Her Sexuality

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Actress Kristen Stewart spoke about her sexuality to Paris-based Mastermind Magazine, where she was featured on the cover, writes People. The Twilight actress likes to keep things vague when it comes to sexuality.

“Yeah, ambiguity is my favorite thing ever. In terms of sexuality? For sure. And also in making films, if you perfectly answer every question, you don’t allow for people to have their own experience and really indulge a thought. I feel the same way about how we f— each other. You don’t want to know everything all the time.”

The 28-year-old actress has been seen dating both men and women in the past and has recently been spotted out with model Stella Maxwell. During her Saturday Night Live appearance in 2017, she commented that she was “like, so gay.”

Stewart also talked about the importance of making movies where women have the opportunity to explore their bodies and sexuality the same way men always have. She expressed that cinematically, men have always been able to do physical things that “feel fundamental to this male perspective.”

“In every coming of age story we see about a young girl, even if it’s the truest, most sincere thing, what’s lacking is the physical honesty of actual female experience and the way we discover our bodies. It’s like we’re scared of using certain words,” Stewart continued.

Actress Kristen Stewart attends the "120 Beats Per Minute (120 Battements Par Minute)" screening during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 20, 2017 in Cannes, France.
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The actress is currently writing a movie that she says will address the topics of male and female sexuality.

“My favorite line in this movie I’m currently writing is, ‘I thought about Sienna Torres and her shoving her hand into my wide-open c— about as wide as a mouth saying m—-f—-.’ That’s not something people would be comfortable hearing, up until right now, but I think it’s the perfect time. There’s nothing dirty about it, but I’m definitely going to be vulgar, and I’m definitely going to be completely unabashedly open about the fact that we’re entirely sexual beings.”

The movie, which Stewart announced she was working on back in May of this year, is called The Chronology of Water and is based on Lidia Yuknavitch’s 2011 memoir of the same name. The award-winning actress’s feature directorial debut will focus on the story of a woman dealing with the effects of grief on her developing sexuality.

At the Cannes Film Festival last year, Stewart also talked about her view on sexuality, according to the IndieWire. During the interview, she was asked if she would be willing to play a male character in a film. She answered that she “totally” would, going on to explain that she sees gender as a “bit of a myth” and that everyone has a different and individual relationship to gender. She added that she believes gender has an inherent flexibility that leaves plenty of room for various approaches.