‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Jordan Has Baby Fever, Jenna Sees The Potential To Be The Next Carly And Evan

Paul HebertABC

Things are heating up for the couples on Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise. Spoilers reveal that Tuesday’s episode will bring out a lot of strong feelings as the current contestants get to see first-hand how it is truly possible to find love via the show. It looks like Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper will be particularly swayed by the upcoming visits and a new sneak peek will have the couple’s fans swooning.

As the Inquisitr has detailed, viewers will see the return of Jade Roper, Tanner Tolbert, Carly Waddell, and Evan Bass during the September 4 show. All Bachelor in Paradise fans know that these two pairs fell in love during prior seasons of the show, and both couples are married and growing their families now.

While Kendall Long and Joe Amabile will be getting a date that involves babysitting babies Emmy and Bella, others at the resort will be chatting about the love these couples found and their desires for experiencing the same thing. A new sneak peek shared by ABC teases that Jordan Kimball will admit that this all has him feeling some baby fever, and he’ll quip that he just needs to find the right “breeder.”

Jordan’s comment seems to make his gal Jenna Cooper laugh, even if she is also a little stunned by it. She seems to love Kimball’s sense of humor, and the clip shows him winking or sharing other signs indicating that he’s not serious about most of these quips he makes. As the contestants all talk about seeing these veterans back in Mexico, Jenna will note that she could see her and Jordan being the next Carly and Evan.

Chris Randone will question whether Jordan is really ready to be a father now, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that he’ll be ready with plenty of reasons he’s all set. Kimball says he’s already got all of the baby’s outfits picked out, and Cooper jokes that if she and Jordan ever had a baby, it would love her significantly more than it would love him.

Jordan said that no way would their child love Jenna more, as their baby boy would love his daddy. Kimball added if they did have kids, they’d come out cute, giggly, and ready to be weird. Reality Steve has previously shared key Bachelor in Paradise spoilers about how far things progress with Jordan and Jenna, and it seems like BIP fans are loving this pairing. They may both be quirky, but they seem to fit well together and fans are rooting for them to go the distance.

It looks like having Jade, Tanner, Carly, Evan, and their baby girls show up in Mexico is a good thing for several of the couples of Season 5. Could one of these pairs ultimately join the ranks of being married and having babies thanks to the show? The possibilities will be on many people’s minds during Tuesday’s show and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that this will be a fun episode.