MLB Rumors: Yankees Are Manny Machado’s Top Landing Spot After Philly Front Office Changes

Richard W. RodriguezAP Images

As was recently reported at the Inquisitr, Manny Machado is leaning toward the Yankees as his next home, but recent developments in the Phillies’ organization have made that even more likely. While Machado has hinted that the Yankees are his dream, a sentiment echoed by people close to him and his family, donning pinstripes was never a given. It still isn’t; however, the odds just went from likely Yankee, to probably Yankee with one front office change that the Phillies have shot themselves in the foot with if they were really serious about wooing Machado.

NJ Advance Media has confirmed that Joe Jordan, the Phillies’ director of player development, will not be returning to the team next year. When the season ends, he is gone, and with him goes one of the Phillies’ trump cards to signing Machado. Prior to his stint with Philadelphia, Jordan was Baltimore’s top amateur scout, and he called the shots when it came to who they would draft. One of his picks was Machado, and he looked like the right guy to have to pitch Philly on the soon-to-be free agent shortstop. That scenario is now gone.

Of course, Philly can still pursue Machado, and they will, but as NJ Advance Media reported, their pitch to Machado was going to be that he should go to an organization with a familiar face, someone who represents his longest relationship in the MLB. That was going to be their counter to Alex Rodriguez, his mentor, who is still with the Yankees organization. Now if it is a question of the money being all equal, it would appear New York has the edge.

The Phillies can offer Machado shortstop, which is something he badly wants; however, according to Fancred, Machado has said he would play third base again if that is what it took to play for the Yankees. The same move that was made when his mentor, Rodriguez, signed with the Yankees as a shortstop, even though Derek Jeter was firmly planted at that position. According to NJ Advance Media, Machado isn’t going to weigh in on his preferences while the season is still in play, but that hasn’t stopped his family from speaking up.


“Machado isn’t going to give away his preferences now, particularly while playing for a different marquee franchise, but multiple people say Machado and his family — who live in Miami — are all in on their love of the Yankees and New York, which fits his big-city preference and desire to get back to the East Coast.”

Whether Machado does don pinstripes next year or not is still uncertain, but when examining the Yankees this year, it looks as if they have been making room for him. Miguel Andujar, their current third baseman, may win Rookie of the Year, but that wouldn’t be enough to deter New York from signing Machado. The rumor is Andujar may be told to work out at first base next spring, which would solve a current roster problem. The Yankees have fought hard to not incur the luxury tax this year, which means if they do exceed it by signing Machado, the penalty will be far less severe. On paper, Machado already looks like a Yankee, but the devil is in the details.