Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Emily Blunt, & Jack Whitehall Have Fun At The Gym

Kevin WinterGetty Images

What do you get when three celebrities are together in the gym? Sheer enjoyment!

Currently, Emily Blunt, the Rock, and Jack Whitehall are working together on the film Jungle Cruise. And not only are the trio having fun together on set, they’re also having a great time together off set as well.

While most people were enjoying a little rest and relaxation over Labor Day weekend, the trio of actors was putting in some time together at the gym. And luckily for fans, the Rock shared the fun video with his 114 million-plus followers to enjoy.

The video starts with Emily Blunt who appeared to have already spent some time in the gym in a grey tank top, black workout leggings, and a brown Boston Red Sox baseball cap as she has a visible dark sweat mark on the front of her shirt.

“Hey guys, just hanging out here at Iron Paradise,” Blunt says. “The cast who trains together, stays together.”

She then gets off of her exercise machine and walks over to the Rock, who obviously also spends a lot of time in the gym. Dwayne is obviously showing off his muscles in a red Powerhouse tank top and a pair of black shorts as he has a weighted chain around his neck and is doing pushups.

“198. 199. 200,” he says, to which Blunt replies, “He’s literally done three. You were looking a little shaky. Love your towel skirt. Fab.”

Blunt and Johnson then walk over to Whitehall who is multitasking doing arm curls and also using an exercise machine on his legs while like the Rock, he has a weighted chain on his neck. He makes fun of Johnson and his American accent in a funny way.

“All me, all me. No pains, no gains.”

“Iron Paradise, just hanging out. I’m Dwayne Johnson, I like squats and shakes,” Blunt quips in an American accent.

But, Johnson then proves that three can play that game as he gives fans a taste of his best British accent and throws a little shade of his own.

“Let’s go watch some Quidditch, I’m Mary Poppins – yes it’s cool, it’s iconic, it’s you,” the actor jokes.

Blunt then jokes with Dwayne to “never do that again” while Whitehall also chimes in and says “no negativity.”

But after all of the joking back and forth, Whitehall, Blunt, and Johnson prove that there are no hard feelings and the cast hugs it out. So far, the video has already gotten a lot of attention with over 3,9 million views in addition to 2,700 likes.

If this is any indication of how good the movie will be, sign us up!