Texas Woman Seen Ringing Doorbell Speaks Out To Defend Boyfriend Accused Of Abusing Her

The young woman whose image went viral last week after she rang the doorbell of a home in Montgomery, Texas, in the middle of the night, seemingly distressed, has spoken out for the first time since that short video clip circulated the globe.

The 32-year-old, who requested to remain anonymous when speaking to ABC Eyewitness News, stated that she had not even known about the video until later in the week, choosing instead to block out the world as she dealt with the situation mentally once she arrived in Dallas.

The Inquisitr previously reported that she had been recorded on a doorbell video camera at around 3 a.m. on the morning of August 24, wearing nothing but a shirt and what appeared to be restraints on her wrists. From the look of her, she had been in distress, but disappeared from in front of the door just seconds later.

A few days later, she was identified by police, and found to be in Dallas with family. Her name has not been released. At the same time, police discovered that her boyfriend, a 49-year-old man identified only as Dennis, had committed suicide inside the home they shared.

Now, over a week after the video first hit the airwaves, she has spoken publicly for the first time.

While she was not prepared to have her name released, or to share details of what had occurred that night that had caused her to flee, she did come out in defense of Dennis, saying that that night he “wasn’t the man [she] knew” and that she had been scared at the time. “Dennis, I believe in my heart, that’s not who he truly is, so it hurts me to see him bashed online,” she said.

She had returned to the house after ringing the doorbell, but only to collect some of her things before driving to Dallas. He had not been home when she had arrived. She spoke to him on the phone and explained that she was having “anxiety issues.” According to her, he did not give any indication that he was planning on committing suicide, but his last text to her read “give my mom a hug and be happy.”

She stated that she was devastated to hear that her appearance on the grainy doorbell camera had given other families with lost loved ones false hope, and offered to do anything that she could for them.

“That hurt my heart. I didn’t realize that at the time, knowing that they thought I might be the person they were looking for.”

She also thanked the thousands who spoke out on social media, offering up their prayers that she would be found safe.

“I was really touched finding out how many people were wondering if I was okay and praying for me. I didn’t even know it, but it gave me the strength to make it through a very difficult time,” she said.

While she has neither confirmed nor denied it publicly, police believe she is the victim of sexual violence.

She added that she harbors no ill feelings towards her late boyfriend.

“I forgave Dennis long before he was gone, and love him. I know he too forgave and loved me. I know I will fall short daily, but I hope to continue to choose to be loved. And I hope that for us all,” she said.