‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: The Power Of Veto Ceremony Is Held And The Week 10 Nominees Are Set


Week 10 is chugging along in the Big Brother 20 house and spoilers reveal that the Power of Veto ceremony took place Monday afternoon. Previous BB20 teasers had indicated that the POV likely wouldn’t be used, but people were anxious to see what happened during the ceremony and how the houseguests handled the afternoon after knowing the nominations were set.

As was previously detailed by the Inquisitr, Kaycee won the POV and it was not expected that she would use it to save either Scottie or Haleigh. As Big Brother spoilers from Big Brother Network reveal, that is exactly what played out, in that Kaycee chose not to use the POV.

Viewers will have to wait for the episode to air later this week on CBS, but it seems that the speeches that both Scottie and Haleigh gave during the POV ceremony were quite entertaining. Neither of them expected to be saved, but Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds reveal that they both think that they’re safe this week and that the other nominee is the target.

While Brett and Sam would love to see Haleigh gone, Big Brother spoilers detail that Scottie remains the target. However, Tyler has worked hard to throw Scottie off the scent here, and it seems to have worked. Big Brother Daily shares that Tyler connected with Haleigh after Kaycee found her crying and Tyler tried to reassure her that she’s safe.

Tyler wouldn’t go into great detail, but he acknowledged that he’d led Scottie to believe that he was the pawn even though he’s not. Tyler encouraged Haleigh to chill and promised that she’d see he was telling the truth come Thursday, and that seemed to help her for a while. However, BBD notes that after a session in the Diary Room, she was worried again.

Haleigh questioned Tyler about what exactly he told Scottie. Big Brother spoilers note that Tyler said he didn’t use the word pawn, but he did insinuate that Scottie was safe and that there’s more to it but he wouldn’t share specifics.

While Haleigh should be safe this week, she shouldn’t get too comfortable. There was plenty of chatter in the house on Monday about others not trusting her and feeling anxious to see her evicted, and she’s probably the next target.

There’s been a little bit of buzz among players like JC and Brett about aligning with Sam to try to stand strong against Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela, but it’s not clear that both guys are sincere in that potential plan or that anything will come of it.

Where will things head after the next eviction, and will anything change regarding sending Scottie home over Haleigh? Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 20 spoilers as Week 10 continues to see how things are shaping up for the upcoming battles.