Caitlyn Rodriguez Arrested After Leading Police On High-Speed Chase With Infant In Car Seat

Daniel BerehulakGetty Images

More details of a high-speed chase that occurred on June 15 are coming to light when 29-year-old Caitlyn Rodriguez was arrested for fleeing from authorities with her baby in tow. According to the New York Post, Rodriguez fled police after they tried to pull her over due to outstanding warrants.

The 29-year-old was not cooperative with police, and instead led them on a high speed chase in Texas. Police followed Rodriguez’s Mercedes SUV as she reached speeds of at least 100 mph. A helicopter from the Texas Department of Public Safety caught everything on film and the chase eventually ended with Rodriguez crashing her car into a pickup truck.

Things then took a weird turn when the mother jumped out of her vehicle with her baby in a carseat, and fled the scene of the accident on foot. She ran to the highway with her baby in tow as she crossed several lanes of traffic and tried to carjack a Nissan Xterra.

Luckily, police were able to thwart her plans as they blocked her in before she could move the SUV. There was also a mother and her child in the vehicle that Rodriguez attempted to steal but they were left unharmed, just shaken.

Once she was apprehended, Rodriguez was taken to Bexar County Jail on charges of “child endangerment, possession of a controlled substance and evading arrest.” She has remained there since June 15 while her child was released to the care of Child Protective Services.

According to KSAT, this is not Caitlyn’s first run in with the law.

“Her criminal history in Bexar County includes convictions for felony theft, forgery and prostitution as well as an arrest for aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury,” the publication says.

And this is not the first high speed chase that has caught the attention of national audiences in the past month. As The Inquisitr shared, another high-speed chase came to a crashing halt when 32-year-old Marlowe Olney crashed his vehicle into a house after fleeing from authorities in Yakima, Washington.

After crashing his car, Olney tried to flee on foot before he was caught by police. When he was arrested, the man told police that he was speeding because he urgently needed to poop. Not only that, but he also said that the brakes on his car didn’t work, which he claimed was another reason why he was “unable to stop” on his own.