Trump Tweets Labor Day Swipe At Jeff Sessions, Says Democrats Thought James Comey Was ‘Disgusting’

President Donald Trump, the “tweeter in chief,” marked Labor Day by taking swipes at those he views as his political foes, namely Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former FBI Director James Comey. While there were rumors that Trump might use the long weekend to fire Sessions, that has not happened yet. A number of Republicans up for election this midterm have been alleged to have petitioned Trump to not fire Sessions prior to the elections as it would likely hurt them at the polls. True or not, Trump has alluded to it several times as reported by CNN.

That hasn’t stopped Trump from taking time out of his busy schedule to fire off some angry tweets alleging Sessions of being incompetent and a stooge for former President Barack Obama. He alleges that Sessions waited to charge two popular Republican politicians with crimes until it would hurt the party most, something that he has gotten completely wrong in a very misguided way. The investigations did begin when Obama was in office; however, they were initiated by a Republican-led Committee, and seen as important enough for Republican lawmakers to strip each defendant from their committee positions, and for Collins to suspend his reelection bid per CNN.

The people Trump is referring to are New York Republican Chris Collins, who was indicted on 13 counts of securities fraud, and California Republican Duncan Hunter, per Daily Kos. Hunter and his wife are looking at a 47-page indictment for using campaign funds on everything from his vacations to video games. In both cases, each party is claiming innocence despite what has been described as overwhelming evidence against them.

In his followup tweet, Trump got personal in his attacks against Sessions, and then Comey. So far, it has been hard to locate the Democrats singing the praises of Sessions. There are Democrats that have stated they feel Sessions shouldn’t be fired for recusing himself from overseeing the Mueller investigation, per The Atlantic, but that is a far cry from what Trump alleges. Trump also says that Democrats hated Comey, wanted him fired, and thought he was “disgusting.” He has nothing to back that up, and finding quotes from Democrats that have said anything of that nature is proving difficult to find.

It has been alleged, however, that Trump is possibly projecting his own thoughts regarding Comey onto these unnamed Democrats he is claiming said them. He has, after all, called Comey almost everything from a “traitor,” to a “liar,” “slime ball,” and being “sick and dumb,” as can be seen at Quartz.

CNN stated that this Twitter rant is nothing more than Trump grandstanding to defend his supporters regardless of the facts of the cases, or the political fallout it is causing within his own administration. As Trump is expected to fire Sessions as soon as the midterm elections are completed, according to The Guardian, it looks as though he will be the whipping boy for all issues until then.