Machine Gun Kelly Responds To Eminem With ‘Rap Devil’

John SciulliGetty Images

After being on the receiving ends of disses from his contemporaries Eminem and G-Eazy over the course of the weekend, Machine Gun Kelly wasn’t about to let the Labor Day holiday pass without offering a proper response. Not one to let things marinate, Kelly released his response Monday morning on his Twitter page.

Machine Gun Kelly fired back through the scathing “Rap Devil,” an obvious play on the 2013 Eminem single “Rap God”, that stretches to nearly five minutes of the most scathing bars of the Cleveland rapper’s career, showing an ability that those only familiar with Kelly’s singles may have been completely unaware of.

Kelly unexpectedly found himself in the spotlight after he was called out by Eminem on “Not Alike” from his Kamikaze album over comments he made about Eminem’s daughter Haile in 2012. later that same day California rapper G-Eazy released “Bad Boy,” a response to a freestyle from Machine Gun Kelly on the Funk Master Flex show where Kelly insinuated he had relations with G-Eazy’s girlfriend.

While Kelly did take to social media to comment on the situation as it was developing, taking a celebratory tone to such a popular name like Eminem giving him the publicity, while pushing aside G-Eazy as simply a clone of Kelly himself. All was quiet until this morning when Kelly changed his Twitter bio to “**** rap god I’m the rap devil” and put a link to “Rap Devil,” dedicated to the “Rap God” Eminem.

Kelly also added a tweet that explained his perspective on releasing “Rap Devil,” referring to Eminem as an “idol” of his, but making clear that he had to stand his ground.

“I’m standing up for not just myself, but my generation,” said Kelly in the tweet. “I’m doing the same shit you did back in ur day. life is still real on my side, and I had to take time from the grind to defend myself from someone I called an idol. love, Rap Devil.”

While Kelly’s response was a scathing shot at the rap legend, word has slowly come out that he might have been more prepared than many realized, having taken shots in the past at Eminem on the rapper Tech N9ne’s “No Reason.”

“I pop cherries and pop stars, you popsicles is not hard
Popped in on the top charts out the cop car
To remind y’all you just rap and not God
And I don’t care who got bars.”

When Kamikaze was released, it was expected that Eminem was trying to bait a response from other rappers. Now that the responses are starting to come, time will tell how Eminem responds.