Best Recipes To Make For A Labor Day Cookout

It’s a three-day weekend which means an epic cookout or three, so you have to be prepared. This Labor Day, consider making one of these amazing dishes to serve at your own party, or bring to a friends.


Artichoke Dip and Tortilla Chips

The secret is jalapeno. This recipe from All Recipes is a surefire winner. The jalapenos give it a nice kick, and the cheese on top creates a delicious, creamy texture when combined with the mayo. Of course, the artichokes are the real star. Best of all, this dish is naturally gluten-free, so most should be able to eat it.

Watermelon Fire and Ice Salsa

This unique dish swaps out tomatoes for juicy, delicious, sweet watermelon. However, no heat is lost thanks to the inclusion of jalapenos and bell peppers. The salsa lives up to its name, providing a cool refreshing treat with a kick. Get the details on All Recipes.


Chili Lime Chicken Kabobs

Your mouth may already be watering at the thought of this delicious marinated chicken dish. It’s delicious and pretty simple to prepare. Marinating the chicken for one hour gives it plenty of flavor, or you can marinate for longer for stronger taste. It’s healthy and uses ingredients and spices you probably already have. Check it out on All Recipes.

All-American Burger Dog

Is it a hot dog? Is it a burger? It’s neither, it’s both! It’s the best of both worlds. A delicious cheeseburger in hot dog form that you can eat with one hand, this recipe will not disappoint. There’s substance where there’s style too, because this burger dog is delicious. Check out the full recipe on All Recipes.