Original ‘Halloween’ Movie Meets 2018 Sequel In Fright-Rags T-Shirt Collection

Halloween was originally released in 1978, but the movie has never stopped being a major commodity.

Horror fans young and old still come out to see the latest iterations of Michael Myers and they still haven’t stopped buying Halloween merchandise by the truckload. This October, Michael Myers will return to the big screen for the 11th time in total.

According to MovieWeb, Fright-Rags is priming themselves to release an enticing collection of T-shirts for fans of the Halloween franchise. It appears the soon-to-be-released shirt collection will contain five different T-shirts in all. Three of them will represent the upcoming 2018 Halloween sequel directed by David Gordon Green. Two of the shirts, however, will be for the original classic, Halloween, which starred Jamie Lee Curtis and was helmed by master of horror John Carpenter.

Fright-Rags has been teasing this collection for a while, now, via their official Twitter. The horror movie T-shirt giants are gearing up for what they’re saying will be a huge October for their customers. The Halloween collection will apparently be part of a preview of what’s to come from Fright-Rags in October.

Those wishing to skip the wait and secure their T-shirts long before the month of October will have an opportunity to do so. The website’s Twitter doesn’t seem to insinuate that those who wish to wait for the official October release will be in danger of missing out.

As stated in a tweet from Fright-Rags, the pre-order will begin on September 5 and should be shipped in time for those making pre-orders to receive before celebrating Michael Myers’ favorite holiday. Fright-Rags regularly sells out of high-profile releases like this Halloween collection quickly, but most of the time they offer reprints to customers once they’re able to restock supply. The only catch is having to wait a little longer than those who pre-ordered or ordered on the official launch.

Fright-Rags is a T-shirt company out of Rochester, New York, and is headed by Ben Scrivens. Scrivens states that it’s his goal, along with the entire Fright-Rags team, to provide “kickass T-shirts.”

The company has previously released collections for Silence of the Lambs, Evil Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and a barrage of other horror movie classics. They also regularly release limited edition runs of specific shirts, often making them dangerously collectible. They also sometimes retire non-limited shirts from regular production.

Fright-Rags has also produces socks, enamel pins, posters, and a wide array of other horror novelties since first launching in 2003.