‘800 Words’ Will Be Back For A 4th Season


The popular series, 800 Words will be back on AcornTV for the 4th season. While the second half of Season 3 is still in the process of airing, fans can be reassured that George Turner and family will be back to tell more stories of love and loss from Weld, New Zealand.

The West spoke to 800 Words star Erik Thomson who had just wrapped filming for Season 4, and while he plays a dad on-screen, he is happy for some downtime to actually be a dad off-screen.

“I am happy to just be home and be dad, coaching my son’s soccer team. I am in the post-800 Words world now, and sometimes you have to just kick back for a while and let the momentum of whatever you have been involved in go past you.”

It’s unclear if this is a hint that Season 4 will be the end of the popular series, or if Thomson is just happy to have a break before Season 5 starts.

“It is nice to just check out and do something for myself for a while.”

Season 4 has just started airing on Australian television, and it’s safe to say that George has finally made the transition from lonely widower to a man ready for love.

Thomson explains that George’s lesson was to take a step back and allow things to happen at a natural pace rather than forcing yourself to move on after a tragedy. Thomson said George needed more grieving time than he thought.

“For the entire story of his time in Weld, he was feeling responsible to keep his life moving on after the death of his wife, then he made a few mistakes and did a few things that just didn’t feel right, so he kind of gave up. As soon as he gave up, the right opportunity arose and, in this situation, it was two possibilities that arose.”

As the Inquistr previously reported, 800 Words started as a cult favorite that now has a following in the United States. While the show always delivers the consistent beauty of New Zealand, the storylines, based on the life of the fictional George Turner and his children, Arlo and Shay, are messy and don’t always deliver a happy ending. The writers treat the viewer as adults who can handle the ups and downs of life.

The writers of 800 Words say that even though we have seen big changes for George, they have more of a story to tell.

“We feel the Turner family’s story is only just beginning. There is so much more in store and we can’t wait to share it with Australia, which has embraced this series with such a charming cast and brilliant production team.”