'Big Brother 20' Spoilers: Houseguests Plan For Double Eviction

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

There has been no confirmation of a double eviction in this season of Big Brother, but houseguests are speculating that one is coming shortly. Viewers have not been let in on the twist, and normally know a week ahead of time when Julie Chen drops a hint during a Thursday show.

Tyler Crispen and Kaycee Clark have been discussing an upcoming double eviction which they believe will happen this Thursday. The two competition beasts are planning who they would put up as the next two nominees should Kaycee or Angela win HOH this Thursday night after the first live eviction. According to Big Brother Daily, Tyler and Kaycee agree that Haleigh Broucher and Sam Bledsoe should be the two nominees put on the block in the double eviction should the Head of Household competition go their way.

This plan means the house is sticking to their guns and voting out Scottie Salton in the Week 10 eviction ceremony since they're considering putting Haleigh up again right after. The two "Level 6" members then agreed that should Haleigh or Sam win the Power of Veto, JC Mounduix should be put up as the replacement nominee. Kaycee has expressed her annoyance with the Miami dancer in the last few days and claims he needs to "feel the block" since he is the only houseguest who has not been nominated this season.

Sam Bledsoe of BB20
CBS | Sonja Flemming
Tyler and Kaycee plan to get Sam on the block in a double eviction.

Tyler has a final two deal with Sam, but if Scottie is evicted this week Tyler would be forced to put one of the houseguests he has a deal with on the block. With Sam getting on everyone's nerves in the house lately, putting her on the block would be the best case scenario for everyone playing the game.

JC of BB20
CBS | Cliff Lipson
JC has yet to feel the heat of the block.

A double eviction is unlikely to happen this week since viewers were not given the heads up this past Thursday, but it's a big possibility that the twist doesn't happen at all. Gold Derby is speculating that there will be no double eviction this season since Kaitlyn Herman messed up her opportunity to win her spot back in the house. Fans believe the puzzle that Kaitlyn botched in Week 4 was set up to guarantee her re-entry, but things didn't go as planned. This would have changed the number of houseguests, making a double eviction necessary.

Stay tuned with the Inquisitr regarding spoilers over a possible double eviction in the future.

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